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  1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. But, it was so exciting in last ten minutes. :awesome:
  2. Attack on Titan is REALLY EPIC though it's a little horrible. :P
  3. :laugh3: I never live in western countries. :nod: I'd like to have a glass of milk. Thanks. It's such a tiring day.
  4. ^ I need to hurry up. I just watched The Hungry Earth
  5. Thank you Celien. It tastes good. :nice:
  6. In the following two weeks, I don't have weekends because I need to go to school to help administration staff/teaching staff. (I can get paid. But I have to arrive there at 7 o'clock. :| ) I'd like to order one vodka sprite. Thank you. :)
  7. I need to wake up early tomorrow. :|
  8. Dutch seems cool. But I better learn one language at one time. Bonne nuit ! :D I have another problem about typing because the form of keyboard is American. :O
  9. Casanova episode 1 Ohhhhhhhhhh David Tennant is gorgeous though the quality of the video is not good. :awesome:
  10. It seems #askacoldplayer game will start tonight though I can't join. I have to sleep at that time. If I have more time, I would join tumblr. :nice: Twitter has already taken me a lot of time, and I'm really addictive to it.
  11. Les Misérables 9/10 The music is sooooooooooooooooo good. Hugh Jackman is amazing. :D
  12. Yeah I can finally watch the movie Les Misérables on the second run theatre. Hey don't rain please.
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