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  1. I need some time to read #10 but I am preparing final exams. :( Poor Will. That plastic suit is so evil. Why? In Hannibal's world, other lives are not important? I get you. :|
  2. Doctor Who 5x10 Vicent And The Doctor This is amazing. :awesome:
  3. Yu-tong


    Hello Greg. :nice:
  4. I have a question, Celien. Allons-y is french, right? But do people use "Allons-y" in casual conversation? :)

  5. I'm planing to watch Star Trek 2009 first. I love Simon Pegg. :lol: Well this. EXCLUSIVE: J.J. Abrams Shows A Deleted "Star Trek Into Darkness" Scene :awesome: http://teamcoco.com/video/conan-highlight-showering-cumberbatch
  6. My dream.. Congrats. :)
  7. Talk with people who have same interest like me on twitter. :awesome:
  8. Somehow I feel kinda sad for the gif... Final exams are coming. :(
  9. The Deep Blue Sea Okay, it's a little bit boring. :S
  10. Welcome Shameez :nice: You're profile pic is gorgeous. :dazzled:
  11. 2 minutes talk, one story. I have two ideas: 1. Doctor Who 50th anniversary. or 2. Hannibal tv series. Which one? >____<
  12. It seems a little bit crazy here. :laugh3: Good night! :nice:
  13. :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: Today it rained so hard. It rained, stopped, rained, stopped, rained, stopped. I am wet too. SO COLD. :(
  14. I can't focus on reading Literature sometimes because I feel bored. What should I do to make it interesting? Thank you. :)
  15. I think the pic is too big but it's interesting. :awesome:
  16. Congrats Laurel! Thanks for the milk. :nice: btw, a little hint
  17. Welcome Jessica :nice:
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