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  1. Life In Technicolor [16] (-2) Cemeteries Of London [26] Lost! [18] 42 [16] Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love [19] Yes [6] Viva La Vida [22] Violet Hill [22] Strawberry Swing [21] (+1) Death and All His Friends [22] Life In Technicolor ii [24] Postcards From Far Away [20] Glass of Water [21] Rainy Day [21] Prospekt's March/Poppyfields [22] Lost+ (with JAY-Z) [3] Lovers In Japan - Osaka Sun Mix [2] Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground [14]
  2. Politik [26] In My Place [21] Clocks [20] God Put A Smile Upon Your Face [6] (-2) The Scientist [18] (+1) Green Eyes [19] Warning Sign [17] A Rush Of Blood To The Head [33]
  3. Don't Panic [29] Shiver [21] Spies [18] Sparks [24] (+1) Yellow [20] Trouble [22] Parachutes [12] We Never Change [9] (-2) Life is for living [14]
  4. Mylo Xyloto [20] Hurts Like Heaven [21] Paradise [25] Charlie Brown [18] Us Against The World [23] M.M.I.X [16] Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall [24] (+1) Major Minus [16] U.F.O [17] Princess Of China [16] (-2) Up In Flames [3] Don't Let It Break Your Heart [14] Up With The Birds [23] BONUS: Christmas Lights [24]
  5. A Head Full Of Dreams [22] Birds [30] (+1) Hymn For The Weekend [18] Everglow [21] Adventure Of A Lifetime [17] Fun (feat. Tove Lo) [19] (-2) Kaleidoscope [4] Army of One [14] Amazing Day [21] Up&Up [20]
  6. So we only have 2 unheard tracks left. Aliens and Miracles (Someone Special). Does anyone know if Aliens is a new song or a leftover song from the MX era? I just read somewhere here that Hypnotised and AICTAIY came from a recent jam/studio sessions. Sorry if ever this has already been discussed. I'm trying to catch up as I was so busy this past few months.
  7. I really appreciate the fact that the song finally got a rockier version. I mean when you listen to the original version of SJLT, it's basically a typical Chainsmokers' song with Chris singing the vocals. They somehow (finally) incorporated their Coldplay sound in it. That's a plus for me. What I dislike about this remix (as mentioned by other Coldplayers) is that the crowd singalong is so loud. I don't mind including it if the band feels that it will somehow bring the listener to a live concert but they should have toned it down or at least lessen the occurence. Heck, the crowd is all over t
  8. Dear Mods, I just want to say that Coldplaying is stunning! I love this shade of blue and the fact that we are eagerly waiting for Kaleidoscope EP Thank you:)
  9. Fancy a Kaleidoscope EP mobile wallpaper? ;) [spoiler=click me]
  10. I could understand the frustration. I mean, aside from the delayed release, there are no teasers at all (except Hypnotised maybe), no updates and well, no artwork. Missing the roadie blogs so much.
  11. I will appreciate an official compilation album composed of B-sides, rarities and studio version of unreleased tracks (yes, I'm looking at you Ladder to the Sun and Don Quixote/Spanish Rain). The band can be creative with the track listing and not just throw songs for the sake of compiling them (maybe something similar to Elbow's Dead in the Boot).
  12. Thank you Stephen for these updates and for all your hard work! I see some mod changes. Congrats to @iamsue, totally deserve the spot. I wish nothing but the best for @Christa42, good things will come in your way ;)
  13. On acoustic guitar: :parachutes: - Yellow :arobtth: - The Scientist :x&y: - Til Kingdom Come :viva: - Strawberry Swing :mylo: - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall On electric guitar: Charlie Brown riff :D
  14. I think to make this interesting (this is just a suggestion though), one of us will suggest an album to review, and then the other will try to listen to that album in full so that he/she can give his/her own thoughts. Then a new album follows and so on and so forth. What do you guys think? this could probably extend our music palette.
  15. So for OK Computer's 20th Anniversary, the band will be releasing a special remastered version of the album plus B-sides and previously unreleased songs (Lift included!). I'm so hyped about this. Finally, a perfect way to celebrate this landmark album (a lot better than the Collector's Edition previously released by EMI). I want the box set but it's quite expensive so I think I'll just buy the CD version. OKNOTOK :D
  16. Maybe the Coldplaying Mods can give as a clue :D
  17. This EP brings hope in one way or another. I mean, we saw the band flirt with pop (AHFoD being the most blatant) three albums in a row now and I think it’s about time they revisit their old style and fuse it with their new techniques/sound. Don’t get me wrong though. This is not an “Oldplay-Newplay” rant. Those three albums have their own strength. Mylo Xyloto is one of the underrated albums (X&Y being the other) on the band’s catalogue. The color, energy, synths, “electronic-meets-Coldplay rock/pop”. I enjoyed that era. Ghost Stories is like Parachutes sleeved with new tricks. Again, they
  18. Thom played 15 Step in front of Chris' face: "Hey, you used to be alright, what happened? That collab is awful. It's about time you listen to your fans." :p
  19. The last time they put Eno on the credits was during the MX era. "Enoxification" is the term to be more specific. So maybe it's a leftover from that era and they just revisited it again. It's also possible that the band sampled one of his songs... :mylo: :viva:
  20. That burst of energy at the end... wish they keep that on the studio version. I want something just like this and not "Something Just Like This". :eyes:
  21. I tried to ask my younger sister's opinion regarding the album since she is very fond of Chainsmoker's previous releases and I was surprised that she didn't find it amusing. I also gave it a listen and I must say that I agree with her. It's an album comprised of their familiar techniques, and asLENNYROTT1 mentioned, it's dull and not that catchy (something that is not common for a pop/EDM record in my opinion). Maybe I'm still biased when it comes to their music... I don't know. I just don't get them. Thank Coldplay for making one of their songs "listenable" at best.
  22. I'm hearing piano and chimes but yeah there's some synth along with the chime-like sound though very minimal and not the typical synth of Mylo or AHFoD. More like The Escapist.
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