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  1. A rare Japanese Tour Special Edition of X&Y contains all their B-sides from that era (CD2) and I think there's also a Dutch version with a different album art. I would love to have something like that plus live material and other unreleased songs/demos such as Ladder to the Sun.
  2. I've got We Never Change :parachutes: The kind of person that usually tries to pick the small joys in life. "I want to fly and never come down And live my life and have friends around"
  3. "We need to take a break and come back with something really special." Wow... really glad that they decided to take on a long break. Badly need this one. I'm waiting for a HUGE comeback Coldplay!
  4. Warning Sign [12] Speed Of Sound [4] Clocks [30] The Scientist [28] (+1) White Shadows [27] (-2) Fix You [21] In My Place [30] Life In Technicolor (Second Version) [13] Kami Oku A Sumairu Ni Anata Kao (GPASUYF reversed) [31]
  5. ^true. I for one enjoyed the MX era. Those colorful wristbands worked out so well that they decided to keep them as part of the show. Sort of a souvenir for concert-goers too. I don't know... maybe I missed more of their older stuff. No gimmicks, just quality music.
  6. Would like to see them rock the stage again without the colors and xylobands.
  7. A great relief that it's just their first chapter (we all know that anyway, except those brainwashed by the media :p) It's hard to expect something from the band especially with the kind of genre that they'll make use of. The last album was hard to swallow honestly. It really took me a while to enjoy it. And I could blame myself because I expected a different kind of album. Having said that, their rhythm department had improved a lot which is great. LP8 may or may not continue their pop trend. I don't know. The dawn of Kaleidoscope EP is really confusing at some point. It's like "hey, th
  8. Anyone here listening to Beck? I like his new album --- Colors. Seems like he is enjoying every bit of it, a marriage between Midnite Vultures and The Information. Favorite track hands down is Seventh Heaven.
  9. Probably between 28-30. I'm 25 yrs old now and I didn't attend their very first concert here in Manila. Not sure if they'll include us in their tour map again but whatever happens I'll support their future plans.
  10. Mylo Xyloto [16] Hurts Like Heaven [14] Paradise [18] Charlie Brown [20] Us Against The World [18] Every Teardrop is a Waterfall [26] +1 Major Minus [9] -2 U.F.O [17] Princess of China [3] Don't let it Break your Heart [21] Up With The Birds [23] BONUS: Christmas Lights [24]
  11. 1. Animals 2. Glass of Water 3. Moses 4. X&Y 5. Sparks 6. A Rush of Blood to the Head 7. Strawberry Swing 8. Moving to Mars 9. Swallowed in the Sea 10. Amsterdam Inside the bubble: What If, For You, Only Superstition, Hypnotised
  12. I created this setlist yesterday, entitled "Glass of Water: Coldplay Mix". Tried my best to limit it down to 21 tracks. Patterned after Coldplay's tour format, the list begins with the powerful A Head Full of Dreams followed by five energy-filled tracks. Then Midnight kicks in and acts as an intro to the quieter, acoustic tracks. The second half comprises some of the band's signature hits. Then after the hype, 3 slower tempo songs will ease the tension. Hypnotised peacefully closes the setlist. 01. A Head Full of Dreams 02. Yellow 03. Glass of Water 04. In My Place 05. Talk 06. M.M.I.X
  13. Now regarding "Live 2017", I don't see the band breaking their formula. Majority of the tracks will still come from AHFOD + the Hits. I just hope they'll include the live version of Army of One and at least a track from Kaleidoscope EP (no, not SJLT please) *include The Scientist
  14. They could release that on Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 20th Anniversary. Disc 1: Original Album (remastered) Disc 2: Prospekts March EP (remastered) Disc 3: Studio version of these songs: - Famous Old Painters - Don Quixote (Spanish Rain) - Bloodless Revolution - St. Stephen - The Fall of Man - First Steps - Lukas - Goodbye and Goodnight Disc 4: Rare live performances Can't blame me from dreaming :p
  15. I like the fact that they are testing new material while on tour. The band has been relentless in terms of writing and producing new songs and while I still prefer them to take on a long break after AHFOD tour, I'm eager to hear these soundcheck sessions. I have to say Kaleidoscope EP gave me a ray of hope. After all, it produced some of their best output since MX. LP8 may come sooner than I expected but hell I'm already looking forward to it.
  16. Coldplay showcased their genre-bending powers with this EP. While it's not a solid statement or a promise that they will return to their rock roots, the band gave us a glimpse of what they are capable of making. Tracks like Hypnotised and All I Can Think About Is You are legit contenders for the best song of the AHFOD era. Their rock-meets-clean-production-pop approach is really a fusion of what they learned so far. Miracles (Someone Special) is also worth your time, even though its lyrics are subpar. Something Just Like This is surprisingly enjoyable minus the infamous crowd vocals/singalong.
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