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  1. Wow... It's like a marriage between Parachutes and X&Y. And the best part? no synths and electronic stuff. It's so raw. That Jonny riff reminds me of A Rush of Blood to the Head (song) while the intro borrowed elements from Reign of Love and Atlas. "It was dark, now it's sunrise."
  2. I see your point but comparisons are inevitable when we talk about their discography. I mean Coldplay did push their boundaries since Viva la Vida and continues to incorporate different styles, genres and techniques, something that is commendable. Mylo explored electronic sounds and rnb beats while Ghost Stories boasts its sense of ambience and space. But while they achieved some kind of reinvention, some elements of "Coldplay" music are missed. Notably the lyrics as well as the timelessness of their songs (which to be fair is pop's common disease). But still, I enjoy listening to all their al
  3. Right on spot. I'm thinking about this for a while now. Hey, Coldplay is a massive, global band now so is this the way they want to stay relevant? I know it's essential for a band to explore new territories and discover/infuse new genres to keep the fans/people interested but to make this kind of music is baffling for me. I guess what I'm really missing is the timelessness of their songs. When I heard Something Just Like This the first time, I was like "well this is okay" but then Clocks began to play in my phone and I suddenly remembered how deep and well-crafted their songs are before.
  4. I think I mentioned somewhere in the Kaleidoscope EP forum that I wish they will not release any music featuring or doing a collab with Chainsmokers. Well that didn't happen obviously but I have to say that it's okay (compare to Closer and Paris). The best part for me is Jonny's riff at the end (can anyone edit the song to emphasize that specific part? I'll appreciate that very much). An energetic and catchy pop/EDM tune. However, the downside of this collab is that it seems like it is a Chainsmokers and Chris song rather than the whole band. It's also quite repetitive (like most EDM songs), u
  5. I never meant to offend other Coldplayers so I do apologize if my post did something like that. But sure, I need to explain what I just said. It's generic (for me at least) not because it has a traditional structure but more on the overall impact of the song (its blandness). I'm not surprised that you mentioned Army of One because it's one of my runner ups too but it has a leg up simply because Will stood on that song (one of the few higlights of the album is how he incorporated different drum patterns/style for each song in AHFOD). The synths and the organ-like sound complemented that Army of
  6. There's no fun in Fun at all. That song is the most generic off the album.
  7. Magnificent (She Says) is the easy standout for me. Epic strings as usual.
  8. The EP will definitely drop before the tour starts again so we will hear it soon. Maybe late February or March... Quite excited for this release though I have to admit that I don't expect anything brilliant at this point (especially after the release of their last album which, for me, is their weakest to date). No Chainsmokers please Chris o_O
  9. I just discovered this band after checking the top albums of 2016 (various media/music critics). Love the vibes and Oh! those guitars!!! Currently listening to Whitney's Light Upon the Lake.
  10. Congratulation to Coldplay! Looking forward to 2017
  11. I decided not to buy a ticket for Coldplay's concert in Manila because I can't afford the VIP-Gold bracket... really expensive. The more affordable tickets (Silver-GA) are not worth buying (based on the concert plan). I know it's a missed opportunity and it's possible that this will be the only Coldplay tour to include the Philippines but I'm just being realistic and practical at the same time.
  12. Happy 1st Birthday A Head Full of Dreams! I suppose it's time to make an updated ranking. Here it goes for me: 1. A Rush of Blood to the Head best track: Clocks hidden gem: Amsterdam personal favorite: The Scientist 2. Mylo Xyloto best track: Charlie Brown hidden gem: U.F.O. personal favorite: Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall 3. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends best track: 42 hidden gem: Death and All His Friends personal favorite: Strawberry Swing 4. Parachutes best track: Yellow hidden gem: Everything's Not Lost personal favorite: Sparks 5. X&Y best tr
  13. 1. Up With the Birds 2. Hardest Part 3. Prospekt's March / Poppyfields 4. Yes 5. Hymn for the Weekend 6. Famous Old Painter
  14. Coldplay Radiohead U2 Arcade Fire Tame Impala Inside the Bubble: Bon Iver, My Bloody Valentine, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Strokes
  15. Undying light... something that shines so bright and will never fade. I remember hearing a part of it when Coldplay posted the AHFOD snippets and I was instantly hooked. Although the stripped-down version of the song is better, more sincere and heart-melting, I do love the slow drum beat of Will in the album version. One of my favorites from this era (the other two are Birds and Amazing Day). Sleeping Sun
  16. Same here. At first, I was really excited but got easily pissed off when I learned about the venue and ticket prices. What's worse, thousands of instant fans had emerged on social media... spelling the band's name as Cold Play, claiming that they do know the band well when they are only familiar with the hit singles...
  17. Yeah Hey there, are you planning to attend the concert? tickets are expensive as expected.
  18. Disappointed that the concert in the PHL will be held at the MOA grounds. Anyway, I will attend no matter what
  19. I see a "Prospekt's March" style EP coming. The news definitely made my day
  20. For now: 1. In Rainbows 2. OK Computer 3. The Bends 4. Kid A 5. A Moon Shaped Pool 6. Hail to the Thief 7. The King of Limbs 8. Amnesiac 9. Pablo Honey
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