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  1. Hey Mary!! I hope you don't mind I'll send you a private message on here to reply to your last message, because I feel I'll probably write quite a bit and the PMs have a longer character limit than visitor messages. :D

  2. Ah, that so totally stinks that you were in England the one time they were the closest they would have ever been to you. :shame: But hey, you've been to England and therefore breathed the air of their homeplace, so that's something to be proud of!! :nod: :D And yeah, I did hear that! I'm SO flippin' excited that Chris is already so giddy and working on new music (just so you know, I use the word "giddy" a lot xD). And haha, well I love the name Mylo Xyloto, but I can remember a long time ago, when they first announced the name, I told my mom, and I pronounced it SO weird, like "Mylo ex-lee-o-toe". :lol: She got the strangest look on her face. Then after I heard the name again, I called it like "Mylo ex-lo-tee-owe". People that heard me pronounce it those ways still have to mention those horrid pronunciations jokingly. xD So yeah, an easier-to-pronounce name for the next album would be cool. :lol: Live 2012 is amazing, isn't it? :D I can't believe how soon Christmas is! :shocked2:

  3. Furan Duran shall be eternal, yes!! :nod: I was also thinking of something like "Franny" when suddenly I thought to myself, "drop the 'r' and what do you get?!" Fanny. Nothing touches Furan Duran but I think Fanny is nice, too. :nice: :lol:
  4. That's a lovely idea!! I LOVE the rain, to be honest. :loveshower: And poems about rain. And songs about rain (Rainy Day, etc.). :laugh3:
  5. Seriously, I love that poem! :nice:
  6. ^This is so beautiful and amazing and awesome...just WOW!! :surprised: :wacky: You're a lovely poet!! :nod:
  7. Continued: Oh yes, I recognized Keane's lovely frontman in your avatar. That musical genius. :heart: Oh and here's a random Coldplay thought...so I finally watched the new Spider Man yesterday. Have you seen it yet? At first, I was like, "Yeah, this is pretty good" BUT THEN guess what played in it?!?! Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay!!!! I was FREAKING OUT and I know it sounds so insane, but I actually got teary-eyed. Hearing Coldplay songs in movies always makes me so emotional and thrills me to no end. :cry: :loveshower: And speaking of movies, I'm super excited about going to see The Hobbit next weekend! Do you like Lord of the Rings? They were always some of my favourite books and I also adore the movies. :heart: Then after that I'm gonna walk downtown where the Christmas lights are glowing in this wonderfully Winter weather. I probably sound super corny, but I just love Christmas lights. :wacko: And somewhere in that time I've gotta listen to CP's "Christmas Lights." :laugh3:

  8. Hey Jordan! We're online at the same time! :awesome: So how've you been? Sorry it's taken me a bit to reply. :shame: But OMG I must admit I laughed out loud at your "The Pasta With TOO MUCH SAUCE" tale. :laugh3: Sounds SO totally like something I would do!! And haha, yeah, seriously that biscuit can incident was the craziest thing ever. :lol: Well, one of them anyway...just a few days ago my sister and I were out and decided to get some frozen yogurt, and when I went to get a sample, I guess I pressed the lever thing down for too long because all I know is, is that all of the sudden, frozen yogurt was overflowing from my sample cup and streaming up my arm. :o It was SO freakin' crazy! My sister's eyes got so enormous and she was like, "HOW THE HECK CAN THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!" And honestly, I have no idea. :laugh3: OMG, can you BELIEVE how close Christmas is getting?!?! SO crazy!! I have only one gift made so far, so I still have much work to do indeed. :nod:

  9. ^Hello again to all of you!!:laugh3: So you write songs, too?!?! :awesome: And Laurel, I never knew you wrote poems! :D
  10. Hello there, fellow TEENZ!! :dance:
  11. I can't believe I'm only just now discovering The Walking Dead thread!! All I can say is this: :dazzled:
  12. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! :dance: So you have celebrity hair? :surprised: :laugh3:
  13. ^ AWESOME!! :awesome: Losing My Mind - Maroon 5
  14. I know!! I'm SOOOO lucky!! My 3 biggest dreams EVER have been to see Coldplay, Radiohead & Muse live. I got to see Radiohead live in March of this year, Coldplay in June, and then I'll be seeing Muse NEXT March!! :o I honestly won't know what to do with myself afterwards because all my biggest dreams will have been lived. I'm just too lucky! Aww well you'll get your chance to see them, I know you will! :D What about Coldplay? Have you had the amazing honour of seeing them yet? :dance: And I must say I love Doctor Who as much as Sherlock (which, that says a lot because I just simply ADORE Sherlock!! :heart:) Hehe yes, BBC is bloody brilliant!! And yeah, I do listen to Chameleon Circuit. :D

  15. Haha thanks! :D And haha, well I have a pretty good memory, but I also wrote down the date I got my 1st album of theirs. I'm probably pretty corny for doing that, but I'm glad I did! :cheesy: But yes, I totally understand what you mean how that song just goes straight to your heart. It's a long story, I won't go into it all right now (but I can be more detailed some other time if you really wanna hear it! :P) but from the time I was about ages 9-11, I got in with the wrong crowd, and just really wasn't a good kid. :shame: But then I heard that song, and I could just relate to all of the lyrics SO much, "I was lost...crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed". Seriously, just the entire song, I could just relate to SO uncannily and the first time I heard it, it literally made me cry! As terribly cheesy as it sounds, that song honestly inspired me to take a step back and look at the person that I was, and become a better person. I feel I'm seriously forever in Coldplay's debt. :heart:

  16. Sorry, I don't know why that would be. Have you deleted some in the past? I just got on mine to see if I had the option to delete them and "delete group" is right down there with "edit group" and all of that. Hopefully you're not still having trouble. Sorry I couldn't help more. Let me know if you still can't though! :)

  17. Yeah, my family is pretty large. I have my parents of course, several aunts and uncles, 3 sisters, 6 nieces & nephews...I have SO many cousins...going into 2nd and 3rd cousins, which gives me literally over 40 cousins!! Plus some members of the families my sisters have married into have become like my family too, so we always spend different days of the holidays with different "sets" of who I consider family, even though they're not all blood-related. It's always a TON of fun!! The way I look at it, the more people, the merrier! :D Family is all-important to me, though several of my closest members are "adopted" as some of my blood-relatives just aren't as close (I can go into detail more sometime if you want to know). But overall, I'm extremely close to my family and love them to death!! :heart: What about you? Do you have a big family (I know you said you just have the 1 sister but I couldn't remember if you've mentioned having lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.?)

  18. Hey there!! Firstly, thanks so much for accepting my friend request!! :nice: To be honest, seeing you around the forum, you just always seem so cool, I was hoping I could talk to you sometime! :) So you're a professor Layton fan, as well? :laugh3:

  19. Oh I see! :D Well, I got into Muse after hearing Starlight on the radio. Then I heard Supermassive Black Hole. And then when I looked up these songs and found out they were by this same artist "Muse," I ended up getting an album--Black Holes & Revelations--of their's. I absolutely fell in love. :lol: Then I got the rest of their albums and just simply couldn't believe how incredibly epic they were! :heart: Can't wait to see Muse in March!! :dance: I'll never forget February 27th, 2010...the day I became a Muser. :laugh3: And awesome!! I LOVE Sherlock!! Have you ever seen the old one with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock? It was the first one I loved, and then the new Sherlock came out and I went crazy for it! Speaking of awesome British shows, I also love Doctor Who. Do you watch it too? :wacky:

  20. Hey!! I'm sorry I took so long to reply to your last visitor message. :shame: But anyway, In My Place was actually the song that caused me to adore them, as well! I had heard songs like Yellow and Clocks on the radio, but it wasn't until I actually bought their albums and heard In My Place that they just became my absolute most favourite band. :heart: Therefore, my fav album would probably have to be Rush of Blood, but I just love them all so much!! But wow, that's so awesome you've been a fan for so long!! It wasn't until August 14th, 2008 that I got my first Coldplay album. I'll never forget the date! :cheesy:

  21. I totally agree!! And yeah, And It Rained All Night is brilliant. :nod: Well if you haven't heard Hearing Damage, I'd suggest you listen to it when you get the chance. The first couple times I heard it, I thought "ooh I like this song." And then one day I was listening to it, I just suddenly freaked out and realized I absolutely adore it. Been obsessed ever since. :laugh3:

  22. Hello there! Welcome Jayden!! :nice: Congrats on your Coldplay concert this year!! I had the amazing honour of seeing them this year, as well! Best. Day. Ever. :dance: I'm Glyn, btw. Hope you have loads of fun here on this amazing fansite!! :cheesy:
  23. Well you're so easy to be nice to!! :hug: :laugh3:
  24. Yay!! And oh my goodness Knights of Cydonia will just be TOO much!! :loveshower: I always almost die of a happiness-induced heart attack just when I'm watching it on HAARP so what does that mean will happen to me when I'm actually experiencing it live?! :laugh3: I'm really, really hoping that I'll get something from Origin of Symmetry at my concert, but of course Muse can play anything at all, and I'll just be so beyond-words thrilled and amazed that I had the honour of seeing them in the first place. :heart: And absolutely, Coldplay gave me the best day of my life ever, too. Their awesomene
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