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  1. Ah yes, I was one of the lucky ones who got to see it in theaters. :heart: I'll not lie, I cried all throughout. :cry: :lol: I've always had the utmost respect for the band, yet somehow I always end up with even more for them. :) Can't wait to get it on DVD. :D

  2. Aww I'm sorry you missed them. :( I lucked out on being able to see them on their June 22nd show. It was beyond words amazing. :wacko: Next time they come through, I'm saving up to see them a FEW times!! :laugh3: And really? Man, I wished it was cooler here. Feels like freakin' August. :P Have you seen Coldplay's new Live film yet? :wacky:

  3. Hey Mary, I think we're actually on Coldplaying at the same time at the moment! :laugh3: They've really made this forum quite Christmas-y haven't they? :santa:

  4. Yeah Silver Bells is good, I also love Coldplay's Christmas Lights & John Lennon's Happy Christmas. :santa: But yeah I know, I got on Coldplaying the other day and was like, "Holy Christmas forum aaaahhhh!!" :shocked2: :lol: I live around Dallas, TX and it's like 90 degrees here right now so I'm hardly able to get into the Christmas spirit just yet. Off this subject, did you have the honor of seeing Coldplay this tour? :D

  5. Welcome here, Eliana!! Hope you have loads of fun around this lovely forum!! :nice: :santa:
  6. I'm sure I get old saying this every single time you change it, but seriously, your new avatar is SO cool. :D

  7. You only think you're fine? :( You need to know!! :laugh3: Haha but I'm doing great, thanks. :nice: Listening to a lot of great (not Christmas) music. :lol: Sorry, I probably sound terribly Grinch-like in saying that, don't I? :uneasy: :lol:

  8. Hey thanks so much for accepting my friend request! :nice: How are you today?

  9. Hey I know that this is absurdly late, but I don't believe that I ever thanked you for accepting my friend request. :facepalm: Anyway, thanks!! :nice: And I just must add, I noticed that besides Coldplay, you are also a fan of Oasis, The Beatles & Miles Kane and I simply have to applaud your epic taste in music. :clap: :wacky:

  10. I totally agree. I wasn't just crazy over T2L at first either, but the more I listened to it, I ultimately bacame truly obsessed with it and ended up just adoring ALL the songs!! :heart: My favourite track? That would have to be Explorers...that was the first song on the album that just immediately grabbed me and that I continue to love even more every time I hear it. What's your favourite track? :)

  11. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! And I had the amazing honour of being able to see them live for my 1st time on June 22nd of this year. Best night of my life. :loveshower:
  12. How do I run over the character limit so fast?! :o I'm crazy! :freak: But yay!! I'm so excited for Christmas too! :loveshower: Normally my cheerfulness gets on other people's nerves but this time of year I have an excuse to be so merry. :santa: :D PLUS I have an excuse to listen to CP's Christmas Lights on repeat without getting as strange of looks from people as I do in, like, July. :dance: OMG I was just looking again yesterday and there's SO much Muse merch I want! :D Seriously, some of those t-shirts are scarily cool. :heart: And haha awesome, I'm so glad you do that too! :D A lot of my friends think I'm so crazy with how I remember all my fave band members' birthdays. :laugh3: Of course I can't forget that Chris Wolstenholme's birthday is the 2nd, so a little before Dom's. So really I guess that in actuality it's Chris I should have an avatar of. I don't know why I always make a bigger deal out of Dom's b-day than Chris' but now I'm starting to feel guilty. :shame: :lol:

  13. Haha, yeah, I made it. :) Well cereal pouring skills are good to have! :laugh3: But you are not alone there...I also tend to make a mess. In fact, I'm probably one of the most clumsy people on earth. Like the other day I was at the store and just walking by I somehow managed to knock down a whole Christmas display. :stunned: My first instinct was to run since no one was around but my conscience got the best of me & I picked it all up. :nice: But there was this other time my mom told me to grab a can of biscuits and when I did, like 10 cans of them flew off onto the floor and they all busted open and were like bursting up in the air. It was the most comedic yet terrifying sight ever. I could never blame the employees if they had made me pay for all those, but instead they all just burst into laughter for like an hour. :lol: I was so mortified though. :facepalm: And anytime there's ever a crash or loud noise of any kind, anyone who knows me always just immediately looks my way. :shame:

  14. Oh yeah I did have tons of amazing food!! But I felt really arrogant though because my favorite thing of the whole day was a peppermint pie with a chocolate cookie crumb crust that I made. I felt far too cocky that that was the case to actually admit it at the time though, but seriously, it was epic. :shy: :laugh3: I can't believe I went out shopping today on Black Friday. It was SOME KIND OF MADNESS. :nod: I am truly amazed and surprised that I made it out of there alive, and then the wind tried its very best to blow me away. It was a crazy day. :lol: I'm excited to get the Christmas tree up tonight though! Are you excited for Christmas? I hope that we both get tons of epic band merch!! :awesome:. OMG your new avatar KILLED me with its EPICNESS!! I think I'm going to change ny avatar from Chris to Dom soon for Dom's b-day December 7th. :heart: Not that it is anything such as nerdy of me to remember band member's birthdays better than several people I know in real life...:lol:

  15. I know I'm a bit late in the day doing this, but happy Thanksgiving!! If there was a turkey emoticon, I'd totally use it right now. But there isn't so I'll just use the always awesome "awesome" emoticon: :awesome:

  16. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying.com. Hope you have tons of fun here around this epic fan site!! :awesome:
  17. Oh yeah it'll most definitely be worth the wait!! Gives you something totally epic to look forward to for quite some time! :awesome: It's cool it'll be pretty close to your birthday, too! :laugh3:

  18. Well awesome then!! That's super exciting!!!! So is yours the June 1st show?

  19. Yay!!!! Congrats!! :awesome: So everything worked out? :dance: And I'm seeing them on March 10th!! :bliss:

  20. Hello there, Frian!! I hope you have loads of fun here on the amazing Coldplaying.com. :D We're happy to have you here!! :)
  21. Hey there and welcome to this amazing fansite!! :nice: I applaud the fact that you are also a Radioheadhead, as I like to call us. :awesome: Coldplay, Radiohead and Muse are my favourite things in the universe!! :heart:
  22. Hmm well mine starts at 7:00 so I figure with the opening act and then of course the actual concert it might be around 10:30 or 11:00 that it ends. I'm just judging by my Coldplay and Radiohead concert time lengths. I'm not really sure how long Muse's would be about exactly though. :thinking: I tried what I could looking on the internet for about when it might probably end, but couldn't find anything at all. :( I'm sorry I can't help you more! I'm just thinking that if your concert starts around the same time mine will, at 7:00 or so, it just might end too close to 10:30. Gosh this must be so annoying! Well maybe yours starts a bit earlier and you'll have plenty of time to catch the train. Hopefully...:)

  23. Oh no!! I'm sorry. Well I'm wishing you luck that everything works out! Whenever I was going through my ticket catastrophe, I honestly had no idea how I'd get them/get there/get back, etc. But amazingly it all worked out so hopefully it will for you, too. :) So there's no one able to pick you up from there or anything? Well at least you have some time to make everything work...

  24. Well I'm sure you'll get to see Muse someday, too. But Green Day will be life-changing, too!! Are there any songs that you are extra, extra excited about experiencing live? :dance:

  25. Awesome! :awesome: And thank you...I have a slight (okay yeah maybe huge :laugh3:) obsession with Chris Wolstenholme. :shy: Especially since hearing the masterpieces of Save Me and Liquid State. :wacko: What do you think of The 2nd Law? :wideeyed:

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