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  1. Hey! Sorry for not replying for a few days. But OMG I know! It was SO crazy all I had to go through to get tickets! Sorry for the length of that PM. I was just so freaked out I didn't even realize how much I'd typed! xD I still haven't gotten them in the mail btw. :( I'm about to lose it! :bomb: I keep finding myself singing Starlight to my tickets of which are being so constantly awaited with such eagerness: "I just wanted to hold...you in my arms!!" :loveshower: :laugh3: Haha. jk. But seriously though...all I want is just to be able to hold those tickets. I'll be running around like this emoticon: :bliss: I'm already SOOOO excited though...by the time March 10th gets here, I'm gonna be so excited it'll just be downright CRAZY! :D OMG. So what've you been up to as of late? :nice:

  2. It is SO amazing! Life In Technicolor II is another top song of mine...the Proskpect's March disc is just so awesome! :loveshower:

  3. Hello! :) Hopefully you'll like The 2nd Law more with time. It took me a bit to get really, really into it to be honest. Okay cool! I shall be checking out "The Sticks" ASAP!! :D And yeah! March 10th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They ended up announcing a Houston date after the tix went on sale for Tulsa, so I thought about selling the tix & going to Houston instead since it'd be SO much closer but actually I think it'll be a lot of fun to go see them in Tulsa. Make it into an adventure. :laugh3: And my seats are standing, ground floor, situated closer to the stage rather than farther away from it, so it'll be my closest concert experience ever! :bliss: (That is, if my tix EVER come!!) I ordered them the day they went on sale, but I had to do it over the phone because Muse.mu glitched out that day and the Tulsa show was the ONLY U.S. Muse tour date Ticketmaster wasn't handling. :( So I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival!! Hope you get to see them too! Maybe they won't sell out too quick. :)

  4. No problem. Glass of Water is one of my favourite CP songs. :wacko:

  5. The only internet access I have at the moment is on my phone and it won't bring up the Secret Santa links for some reason. :( What all do you have to do for the Secret Santa? I'm going back home in a couple of days so I could enter then if it's not too late. Are you going to enter? :) Oh yeah and I think I forgot to reply when you said that you recently listened to Hail to the Thief. I'm so happy you have given it a proper listen now! It's one of my favorite RH albums BY FAR!! What're your favorite tracks from it? :)

  6. Hey!! :awesome: Sorry I sent you a super long PM explaining my long, drawn-out adventure of doing whatever it took to get Muse tickets! :laugh3:

  7. Hey I'm so sorry for SUCH a late reply!! So have you heard The 2nd Law yet? I've gotta admit, a few tracks had to grow on me but now I LOVE the entire thing!! :heart: And cool, I'm glad to hear you like Showbiz, it's actually one of my favorite albums. :D And no, I actually haven't heard the new Mother Mother album! How is it? I shall be giving it a listen ASAP. :wacky: OMG and even though it was truly catastrophic attempting to get tickets, I'm actually going to go see Muse in March!!!! However, I won't allow myself to get too, too excited until I actually SEE the tickets when they come in the mail, because I swear everything that could have went wrong while trying to get tickets, did. But I ordered the tickets the day they went on sale, and they're for pretty good seats too, so I'll certainly be thrilled when I get them so that I can officially freak out!! :dance:

  8. Hey it's all right! Thanks for replying anyway. :) So I spent FOREVER on the phone calling Ticketmaster, since their website didn't have that concert, and when it finally got through to them, they said they weren't "handling" that event. But they were handling every other Muse concert in the US. :P So then I just sit at the computer and wait for 10:00 a.m. on Friday to come so that I can buy them when they go on sale on Muse.mu. The very second it turns 10:00, I click on it, and it says they've already sold out! So my mom and I just ended up spending all morning trying to get in touch with the center where the concert is going to be, and finally, they transferred us to tickets.com and we got tickets. I still won't allow myself to get excited until I actually SEE the tickets when they come in the mail, because it was just extra hard to get tickets so I won't really feel like I'm going until I see them. :laugh3:

  9. Hey sorry to bother you, but tomorrow's the big day when I'll be buying Muse tickets when they go on sale. And for some reason Ticketmaster.com is glitched out, where Muse's March 10th show (the one I plan to go to) is the ONLY concert event they don't have listed! They might have it worked out in the morning, but if they don't, I was just gonna buy them off of Muse.mu. And all I've ever heard is that Ticketmaster.com is the only site to have a 100% guarantee of real tickets, but they'll be legitimate off Muse.mu too, right?

  10. Hey! Welcome to Coldplaying.com, cmobsessed!! :D *cmobsession (sorry nobody can get your username right so far :lol:)
  11. Haha, yeah I heard about that!! :lol: And all right, thanks for the song recommendations, I shall be checking them out ASAP!! : ) OMG few things are as disappointing as thinking you've won tickets only to find out you haven't! I did that same thing one time! It wasn't for one of my favourite bands or anything, but it was one I really liked, and I signed up to win tickets, and when I got an email back from them, I was like: :shocked2: and then: :dead: And then I realized it was only email confirmation. :disappointed: But good luck still!! :dance: And just the other day too I got an email saying "@DominicHoward is now following you on Twitter!" Even though I know people make their usernames the same as celebrities all the time, I still almost died. Then I noticed it was @DominicHoward with a _ after it. :laugh3: Who was I kidding though really? :P :lol: Oh disappointments...but who knows though, maybe you will win those tickets for real!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  12. Sure thing! : ) I'm always happy to talk to another Coldplayer in the USA!! :D

  13. Hello there Anita and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! :nice:
  14. Yeah, I've seen it! I like it. It's one of my favourite songs of all time, so just getting to hear it always thrills me. :D

  15. I know! I'm TOO excited!! :D And haha, hopefully the crowd won't be too crazy at Reading. :lol: The people in Frisco (where the Edgefest is held) are known for being rude anyway. I'm not sure how British concert crowds tend to be though. :laugh3: I always tend to have to witness craziness wherever I go though, even at my Coldplay and Radiohead concerts, people in the crowd were police escourted out for being violent. :stunned: Crazy Texans, I suppose. :laugh2: And the only thing I've ever heard about Stereophonics is that apparently their lead singer and Thom Yorke don't get along too well. :lol: And I think I heard that they're Welch or something? I've never looked into their music and as far as I know I've never heard anything by them, but if you like them, I'll look into them! Any songs you particularly like of theirs? I know how exciting it is when a band you're into releases a new album and announces a tour! Hope you get to see them! :)

  16. I've gotta say, I'm really happy with The 2nd Law, but I think it has certain tracks that are way, way, way better than others. "Explorers" is my favorite track from it. I think that if I just happened to hear "Big Freeze" in the background somewhere though, without knowing it was Muse, I'd just automatically assume it was U2. :lol: And I'm great, thanks for asking! :nice: How're you? I'm very excited because I'm going to Tulsa, Oklahoma in March to see Muse. Even though I'd give anything to have been able to see them in more of their HAARP era, I'll be happy with whatever because I've just been wanting to see them for so long. Oh and I've been playing around in a band a bit lately too. :D We've mainly just been practicing, but we've played a couple of shows. It's a lot of fun, though there is far too much personality clashes within the band. But, it's great to finally be able to play in a band nevertheless! Other than working, that's about all that's new with me. So how are you? :)

  17. Oh my goodness I'm so sorry for such a late reply!! And yes, I am learning Swedish. The fact that so few people try to learn it is what inspired me to. I think it's a really cool language. And thank you for offering to help me!! If I ever have any questions, I'll be happy to know I can ask you!! :nice: OMG I'm so beyond words happy right now because even though Muse has yet to announce any tour dates very near me, my mom has agreed to drive with me to their Tulsa Oklahoma show in March 2013!!!!!!!! It has long been a dream of mine to see Muse, and I just simply cannot express in words how much it means to me that I'm going to get to see them!! :bliss: Oh and now that The 2nd Law is out, what do you think of it? :wacky: I picked up my copy of it the moment it hit stores. :D I'm totally in love with the album. :heart: :loveshower:

  18. OMG I'm SO beyond words excited right now because my mom is willing to go to Tulsa Oklahoma with me to go see Muse in March!!!! I could never express in words how much it means to me to see Muse, so this is one of the happiest times of my life right now. :bliss: I basically just can't even speak. I hope you get your wish of seeing Blur headline at Reading to celebrate your 18th!! That'd be so epic! :D Oh I SO hope I'll get to see Blur too! By then I'll be able to drive wherever, so surely I will. And I actually have been to a music festival, the EdgeFest (which is this pretty epic yearly event) where I got to see some bands I really like including Weezer, Neon Trees, Seether & Social Distortion. It was really a lot of fun! It was a blast to see so many bands, the only thing that sort of sucked about it was the people in the crowd were extra rude drinkers, bumping into me over & over and elbowing me. Oh and puking. :blank: But the overall music festival experience is grand. :laugh3:

  19. Oh yeah and to continue with my usual wall spam, I LOVE YOUR NEW PROFILE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Even though it's like it can never even begin to sink in that I'm going to see a favourite band until I actually SEE the tickets, I think it's safe to say that I can officially FREAK OUT WITH YOU!!!!!!!! :dance: Right now though, I'm sorta in shock or something. Like, I've been crying, but I've also been pretty dang expressionless all day. This was how it was when I first found out I was gonna see CP. Like the first two weeks, I was basically just consantly looking like this :blank: and then it turned into :stunned: (like it was beginning to sink in a bit more) and then one day, Talk came on in Wal-Mart & I suddenly burst into tears. It was like it just all hit me then, and then, after running to the restrooms to hide & avoid embarrassment, I continued on just crying & laughing hysterically. And random moments of hystericalness continued almost daily for months afterwards, and then of course during the actual concert. I'm sure this will be the case with Muse, as well. :nod: :laugh3:

  21. Haha! :lol: You sound just like me when I see a tour date near me. It just causes me to spasm totally out of control. :dance: Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for TX dates, that'd just be too awesome for words! But OMG Jordan I'm SOOOO happy right now because though at first my parents were very unsure about driving all the way up to Tulsa (it'd be about 7 hours from here) to see Muse, my mom said today that she'd be willing to go with me up there to see them!!! :o ...:dead: So we'll just go ahead and get tix for then as soon as they go on sale and if Muse should announce TX dates, then that'd be epic, but if not, I'll be so incredibly content to know that whether they do come to TX or not, I'll still get to see them!! I would've found some way anyway, but the fact that I'll be able to go with my mom is very cool. I've never been to a concert with her (and she hasn't been to a concert in literally decades) so it'll be an indescribably awesome experience for us both!! :dazzled:

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