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  1. Thanks so so much for the friend request!! :) How are you? :nice:

  2. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying! Hope you have loads of fun here!! :nice:
  3. Whoa I just realized that a year ago today I joined Coldplaying.com!! I cannot believe how many epic people I've met on here since then! Congrats to you Jordan for being among the very coolest!! :) :D

  4. Happy Coldplaying.com anniversary to me!! :laugh3:

  5. Hello there. :nice: Thank you so much for joining my Radioplayers, Matt Bellamy and Muse appreciation groups!! :D You have fantastic taste in music!! :laugh3:

  6. Continued: As for Halloween, I went to a party and baked a load of goodies and carved a "cat-o-lantern" and then roasted the pumpkin seeds (one of my all-time favourite snacks :heart:). I went as a vampire to the party, which wasn't too hard since I'm naturally so freakin' pale anyway. :laugh3: I'm sorry you didn't get to do anything for Halloween because of stupid school. School is the only thing in my life that I just can't seem to forgive. ;) Seriously though, it just steals SO much time and causes so much stress and...ugh...it's just so obnoxious in general. :angry: <-- I just love that little angry emoticon. :lol: Back to the subject of holidays though...I cannot believe how close Christmas is!! :shocked2:

  7. Well at least you got 2 days out of school for the hurricane. :) The only hurricane I was ever really affected by was Rita when 100 mph winds came and a hail storm came with it and our electricity went out and the hail put holes in our windows and the wind blew old trees down and nearly every shingle off our roof. It was pretty terrifying, especially after dark. Not a lot scares me, but natural disasters do. They're just so unpredictable and terrifying! I'm so glad you guys made it through all of the madness safely. My heart really goes out to all the victims of Sandy, OMG in New York and New Jersey especially--it looks SOOOO crazy there! OMG I could never in a million years describe my happiest induced by the fact that Muse is playing Falling Down now! I hope and pray they keep it on the setlist for my show. It's one of my many soul songs. :heart: Sunburn and Host would kill me too though...SO EPIC!! :o I really, really hope you get your soul song Stockholm Syndrome, too!! :D

  8. Hey I'm sorry for taking awhile to reply! The Scientist and Warning Sign are so incredibly moving and emotional live...and OMG I so agree--ETIAW is just absolutely AMAZING at the end!! :dance: It made me love that song more than ever!! :loveshower: I'm very excited about the Live 2012 film...is there going to a be showing in a cinema near you? OMG guess what?!?!?!?! I'M GOING TO SEE MUSE!! They announced shows near me and though it was tough, I did whatever it took and now I have tickets being sent to me in the mail!! :bliss: I couldn't possibly be happier. :heart: Speaking of Muse, what do you think of The 2nd Law? :wideeyed:

  9. We usually don't get trick-or-treaters either because we live so far out in the country and all our neighbors know each other but the only kids on my street are teenagers also. For Halloween I went to a party the weekend before (I went as a vampire which was quite easy as I'm already quite pale :laugh3:) and then I did a ton of baking. I also get into intricate pumpkin carving and roasting the pumpkin seeds. I really like Halloween because it gives me a legitimate excuse to bake a lot of sweets. :lol: And yeah, I got to see Dom the skeleton too! :laugh3: It's slightly starting to hit me that I'm going to see Muse now. :bliss: OMG and I cannot believe how they're playing Falling Down now! It's one of my favourite songs and I really, really hope they keep it on the setlist so that I can experience it live! :wacky: What do you think of that song?

  10. Hey I'm really sorry for not replying to you! For some reason I really thought I had replied but just realized I didn't, sorry. I checked out Above & Beyond and I love them now! Thank you for suggesting them to me! So how have you been? :) I apologize once again for taking literally months to reply...:shame:

  11. You're so right--mixing Coldplay/Muse in a username is best!! :dance: That's awesome Muse is your favourite band, followed by Coldplay. GREAT taste in music!! :) My 3 favourite bands are Coldplay, Muse & Radiohead...I love them all 3 equally and seriously cannot choose a favourite out of them--I love them all far too much! :laugh3: :heart: My favourite The 2nd Law song? Explorers. Immediately, that song just grabbed my heart forever. I love every single track SO much, but Explorers is just my extra, extra special song. :wacky: What is your fav track? :) TWD episode was amazing, huh? That show is just SO great!!!! I'm sorry to hear you were ill during Halloween...are you feeling better now? Hope so! :nice: And yes, I did celebrate it...I went to a party, dressed up as vampire, carved a pumpkin, and did a lot of baking! :) It was a lot of fun. :D Cheers to you, too! :laugh3:

  12. I agree with everything you said about In Rainbows. I can also kind of see where you're coming from when you say that We Suck Young Blood sounds like a weaker version of You And Whose Army to you. However, We Suck Young Blood for me is just one of those songs that I love, but can't really explain why. But You And Whose Army is another one I've always adored. In fact, that was one of the first three Radiohead songs I ever heard, and so I especially love it. :heart: So how are you? Did you do anything for Halloween? :nice:

  13. You should get Showbiz! It's among my favourites, undoubtedly. :) Yes, you're so right. Muse could perform commercial jingles at the concert and I wouldn't mind. ;) They put on such an epic show, I'll be happy with seriously whatever they choose to play! :wacko: No, we don't have a bandpage yet. If we get one I'll let you know though! :) We play mainly like a mixture of Alternative/experimental rock with some classical aspects to it. Most of the members sing and all of us are multi-instrumentalists so that makes it a lot of fun, though I mainly just play the guitar and keyboard and violin. Sorry to hear you never got anywhere with your band a few years ago due to personality issues; it's a shame personalities can clash so much, but when you're spending that much time together you're either going to grow closer or farther apart. :tongue: But I'm wishing you luck on that gig you're trying to get now. :) I'm looking forward to Christmas too! Did you do anything for Halloween?

  14. Continued: Oh and also Happy Halloween!! (I love what the forum has done with the orange and black and skeletons and bats and ghosts and such...:laugh3:) Oh yeah, and I'm happy to see you're now using the "soul song" phrase. :dance: :lol:

  15. Hey! How are you guys doing after hurricane Sandy's madness?! Did you at least get let out of school? OMG I know!! If my grandmother had have thrown my Muse tickets away, I would have been clinically depressed for the rest of my life. :cry: :lol: You're right that it is kind of cool that the tickets might come as a late Christmas gift. :wacko: I'll bet yours will be delivered around the same time as mine since our shows are only 1 month apart. Oh my gosh, have you been seeing Muse's setlists?! I'm gonna be such a puddle of awe the ENTIRE concert (hehe, that's a sorta strange way to describe it I suppose :laugh3:) But seriously, their awesomeness is just simply TOO MUCH!!!! :o :dead: Congrats on the fact that you're gonna see Muse suddenly hit you whilst watching that epic version of Stockholm Syndrome! It has yet to hit me, but when it does, I'll probably be bawling for days and weeks and perhaps even months! xD

  16. No worries about the late reply, it's quite okay! :nice: Oh how creative of you to take Supremacy and then put your initials after it to create your username! :D Awesome! :wacky: And thank you for complimenting my username too...it's really quite accurute--I am a SupermassiveCPnerd! xD OMG you are so right that Supremacy is so incredibly amazing! It's too awesome for words, really! :loveshower: And I've never met a Coldplayer/Muser/Walking Dead fan either, so awesome! :D And yes, I have seen the new TWD episode. You have something great to look forward to, it's amazing! :wacko: Oh and also thanks so much for joining my Matt Bellamy/Muse appreciation groups on here! Was that how you discovered me on the forum? :) Loved talking to you too, dear Coldplayer & Muser!! :laugh3: Happy Halloween!! (if you celebrate it :nice:)

  17. Welcome Matthijs! Your name is really cool. :D Congrats on seeing Coldplay live twice! I've only been able to see them once but it was undoubtedly the most amazing experience I've ever had the honour of having. :wacky: I share your wish of having had the opportunity to see them on the Viva tour. But on the bright side, we won't have to miss any tours in the future and since it's Coldplay, you know their future albums and tours are going to be totally beyond words amazing!! :dance: Anyway, hope you have a lot of fun here on this fantastic fansite! :nice:
  18. I gave it 2 weeks before letting my impatience (aka some kind of madness ;)) take control and I called in to see about my tickets (since my grandma with Alzheimer's lives with us and she's got a habit of throwing things in the trash and us not noticing until it's too late, I was SO terrified that my tix came & someone checked the mail & brought them in & my grandma had thrown them away) and when I called in, I was told the tix haven't even been cut yet. I can't describe the relief I felt to know that they had not come without me knowing it. But then the guy told me, "Don't worry about where your tickets are until after Christmas." I acted calm, but inside I'm thinking, "No! Now I'm gonna be on pins and needles until maybe after Christmas!" xD I'm sure they'll come though. It's just gonna be among the most relieving days of my life when they do! :D That storm looks terrifying! Hope you & your home stay safe! I'll be thinking about you during the hurricane! :)

  19. Hey there and thanks for the friend request! I love your username! It's so pwoper! :laugh3: And I also love your user title of "pwoudpwopercoldplayer". So epic! :D I hope you don't mind that I read your "about me" thing and noticed you love The Walking Dead. Coldplay & Muse are my favourite bands and The Walking Dead is one of my favourite shows!! We have so much in common!! :surprised: :awesome:

  20. Hello there Gillies and welcome to Coldplaying.com! I love your name! :nice: Oh and my name is Glyn, by the way. :) Well I hope you have loads of fun here on this amazing fansite!! :dance:
  21. Hey and welcome to Coldplaying! Nice cover. :nice: Hope you have tons of fun here on this lovely fansite!! :D
  22. Hello there and welcome to Coldplaying.com! Congrats on being able to see them twice on their MX tour! Also I adore Help is Round the Corner as well. :heart:
  23. Sorry for the late reply! :P Really you love to paint and draw? :D What sorts of things do you like to draw and paint? I'm huge on drawing and painting. I usually draw and paint in sprees though. Like, I won't draw or paint anything for awhile, and then when I get back into it, it's all I do for awhile! :laugh3: But yes you're so right! Drama kids are just like one big family! You just spend so much time with each other and have so much fun together! Some of my best friends are my fellow drama kids. xD And yeah, I am lucky that I'm able to sing. It's one of my favorite things EVER so I'd be pretty bummed if I couldn't carry a tune. :lol: I'm planning on taking up more drama soon. :D Sorry you didn't get the lead, but congrats on getting a fairly big part anyway! :dance: And yeah you're right--you'll get your turn! Oh and OMG yes!! I ADORE Muse's new album. It's so unique and different and I love how they're trying new things. It's ALL I've been listening to recently! :heart:

  24. I might sign up for that tomorrow...:) Sounds pretty cool. I agree with your favourites off Hail to the Thief! Especially There There and A Punch Up At a Wedding! I also absolutely adored Myxomatosis too, but after experiencing it live OMG...it's just one of my all-time favorites now! It's just like the perfect live song!! :dance: As for what I think of In Rainbows, to be honest, I can't really choose a favourite RH album between Ok Computer, The Bends, Hail to the Thief & In Rainbows. That's how much I love it. Kid A, Pablo Honey, Amnesiac & The King of Limbs all really had to grow on me quite a bit, but In Rainbows was one I instantly loved. As an overall album, it's one of the best as far as the greatness of song after song in my book. :wacko: I'm curious...what do you think of We Suck Young Blood off of HTTT? People tend to either love or hate that song. I'm one of the ones who love it. :wacky:

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