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  1. Glad to hear, and I'm doing great, thanks!! :nice: Oh really? :surprised: Glad you understand my username now! :P So what got you into Muse recently? :D And also, I assume by your lovely username you too are a Sherlockian? Awesome. :awesome: :laugh3:

  2. Hey there and thanks for the friend request!! :nice: How are you doing today? :D

  3. Good to hear. :nice: And yeah, I'm super excited for Atoms for Peace!! :dance: But OMG yes, I LOVE Black Swan!! That and Analyse I believe are my favourites. :D Speaking of Thom Yorke, do you know/like the song Hearing Damage? I am NOT a fan of Twilight (which the song was on) but I must admit I absolutely adore that song. :wacko:

  4. Hey!! And YES, I absolutely adore The Eraser!! :wacky: I'm glad you've discovered it!! I think that Thom Yorke's solo work is just absolutely BRILLIANT! So how have you been, btw? :nice: Haven't talked to you in a bit.

  5. Plus both of our usernames start with "super." :surprised: :laugh3:
  6. Aww thank you, Superfitz!! :nice: You're pretty cool yourself, you know. :nod:
  7. Hey there and welcome to Coldplaying.com!! :nice: I'm Glyn, btw. :D
  8. Woohoo!! A Mary thread!! :D You so, so deserve it, my friend! :heart: A thread just for you and your adorable monkey avatars. :wideeyed: :laugh3:
  9. Well it's certainly an adorable avi!! :D And OMG I know!! There's just nothing I love more than Christmastime! Plus I'm really excited because since most of my family won't be able to come down for actual Christmas Day, we're planning a Christmas party on January 18th for EVERYONE to come and celebrate Christmas together then since we can't on the actual day. It'll be so, SO much fun to extend all of the Christmas cheer for an extra month!! :dance:

  10. You've been to England 4 times!! :shocked2: I'm so jealous!! Lol. And your dad's from there? So he's all British and stuff?! xD Aww, well you'll get to see them someday!! :D And yes, I was lucky enough to see them on their June 22nd show this year! Undoubtedly, best night EVER! (Though I spent the majority of it unable to even see because tears were blocking my vision :cry:) It's funny because when I went back and watched the videos I'd taken, you could hear my voice constantly cracking while I was singing because I was crying so much. xD Seriously though, they are just SO freakin' unbelievable. I've always only had the highest levels of respect for that band, yet I walked away from that concert with a whole new love and respect for them. :loveshower: I can't wait for you to see them someday! OMG and just think, by then, there'll probably be NEW Coldplay songs!! :o :bliss: Oh and have you seen their new Live 2012 film yet? :heart:

  11. Hey!! And yeah, I agree, there really isn't anything quite like being on the actual computer. It's the same way with CD's to me...I mean I love my iPod so much and listen to it every day but there's just something really special about listening to a CD on a CD player to me. I enjoy going back to the original way of doing things every once in awhile. :nice: And I've been good!! :) I'm still rushing around trying to get Christmas gifts for everyone on time though. :lol: And speaking of Christmas, I just love your new avatar with the Santa cap! SO cute!!!! :D

  12. Well hi, Judy! Nice to meet you. :nice: My name is Glyn. So you having been on Coldplaying for six years must mean you've been a Coldplayer for a LONG time!! What was the first song or songs to get you into them? I've long loved songs like Yellow and Clocks but it actually wasn't until four years ago that I bought my first Coldplay album. I've been obsessed ever since. :laugh3: But I can't believe what I was missing for all those years before I got my 1st album of theirs! :stunned:

  13. My, that's actually a really lovely rhyme scheme you have there, Molly!! :surprised: :lol:
  14. Thanks again! I actually like my name. Especially after I found out I was gonna be named Melanie. :shocked2: I was like, "Uh, THANK YOU FOR NOT!!" :lol: And sure! :) Well there's not a whole lot of them...but yeah, there's a few people who like to start drama on here. Probably just because they have their computer screens to hide behind and don't have to face you in person. :rolleyes: But whatever. They don't bother me. :P But yeah you're right, thank god for nice people! Honestly though, most of the people on here are awesome. :nice: Really you like Texas? :surprised: I like it, though I hate the year-round tornadoes. :stunned: I hope to live in England someday though!! At least for a little while. :D I just think that'd be so epic. So have you ever seen Coldplay live? :)

  15. Hey I found you on here! :D

  16. Oh and of course you can reply in a private message back to me if you'd rather. :happy:

  17. Hey again! :D Aww thanks! I like your name, too. :) And sure! When I first became a member of Coldplaying.com about a year ago, there were some really nice welcomers so I try to welcome newcomers, too. :laugh3: Haha, don't worry about being popular on here. I used to post a lot, but realized there are quite a few bullies on here (it's like those cliques like in school or something :rolleyes:) but don't mind them, and besides, there really are tons of truly awesome people on here, too! :nod: And I'm from Texas (sorta near Dallas). But before you ask, no, I don't wear boots and hats and have a hick accent. xD Not at all. In fact, I stifled my accent when I was about 7...now I just have more of the "standard" American accent. :lol: So you're from NJ? Cool! I spent a lot of time there because of my dad's job when I was little. Sorry this message is so long... :o So how long have you been a Coldplayer? :chris: :will: :guy: :jonny: <--Coldplay! :wacky: And thanks for replying! :shy:

  18. Hey again, Abby. Since you're new and I spend the vast majority of my time on this site, I thought I'd post on your wall to let you know that if you need any help with anything or have any questions about the site, I'll be more than happy to see what I can do to help you!! :nice: Oh and my name is Glyn, btw. I'm 16 (so we're pretty close in age :dance:). Oh and I'm a girl (which I'm only specifying this because some people who read my name assume I'm a guy. :disappointed: :lol: And I'm sure me having a picture of the male drummer of one of my favorite bands doesn't exactly help that matter xD) But anyway, now that I've TOTALLY spammed your wall with this long visitor message, I'll just say welcome again and I'll talk to ya later! :D

  19. You're so right! Thanks so much for the encouragement. :nice: I know that the love for what you do is the most important thing, so I'll definitely try one day. :) Just like Coldplay tells us, "If you never try, you'll never know...just what you're worth." :wacky: Oh and I loved your cover, btw! Thanks for sharing with all us Coldplayers!! :D
  20. Lovely cover!! :wacky: You have a load of potential!!!! :D
  21. Just had to say that your avatar is SO awesome!! :heart:

  22. Hello there Marius and welcome here!! :dance: I'm Glyn, btw. :nice: I think it's so awesome that you're so into music!! I too am a musician and love to sing, though I haven't quite got the confidence just yet to record anything. But I'd LOVE to check out some of your work when you post your covers!! :D
  23. Hey!! And I'm doing really well actually, thanks for asking!! I replied to your last messages on fb on my cell phone but now that I've got on my home computer on facebook it seems as though they never went through!! I'm sorry about that. Sometimes my phone says it sends things when it actually hasn't. :confused: But I'll reply to them again now. :nice: So how have you been? :) And yes, the forum is really full of the holiday spirit!! :wacky:

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