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  1. Well, this was all about promo. They had to get all the journalists and important folks in so they can talk about it. But let me be clear that SUCKS a ton for all the fans watching instagram videos and seeing more than half the crowd just standing there as if they don't give a shit. It's extra frustrating because we know this album won't get a tour and most of us won't ever hear these songs live anyway, SAME FUCKING BLOOD
  2. Well there was a fucking messy situation outside when, around the time the gig started, security randomly handed out the remaining guest spots to SOME of the fans without a ticket that were still waiting outside. You can guess what happened. Chaos. Then security proceeded to laugh at them while people could have got hurt: [MEDIA=twitter]1199096953319108609[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/Coeurli/status/1199096953319108609
  3. I'm.... not sure Maida Vale shows are ever full sets. Isn't that just the schedule of the Italian radio show? They don't necessarily fill their whole show with 1 thing
  4. stephen is livestreaming on coldplaying's instagram! edit: you can watch the replay haha
  5. the gig is going to be filmed! there are cameramen in the room (info from our man in attendance, Stephen)
  6. They've had Oxfam on tour with them for years now, and also Global Citizen (I remember signing one of their petitions in reward for a fancy temporary tattoo while queuing in Amsterdam in 2016) so asking people to register to vote could be a good addition to that, in countries where registering to vote is a thing that is.
  7. That would be @I ran away ! Thanks to @SpinningPlates the ticket hero
  8. I don't know if C) will be possible tbh. Of course Coldplay don't have to do it for the money anymore but they'd probably have to convince some managers and promoters... If the biggest impact is people travelling to the gig, the solution could indeed be to make public transport the most attractive and logical option. This certainly can't be hard for a band like them, especially in Europe where there is a good rail network and (I think?) less people flying in for a concert or travelling very long distances as opposed to the USA. I think it might get harder there. Maybe it's just my perception but "oh, the gig is only a 5 hour drive away, perfect" seems to be a thing there. Maybe they could also make a carpooling platform or so. A win-win because getting to know fellow fans is always fun. Other stuff: - no single-use plastics like disposable cups, which the EU is about to ban anyway. Let people bring their own reusable drinking bottles!! I swear the only times I still use plastic bottles I can throw away is for gigs, because virtually no venue allows people to take water bottles in. "bUt ThEy cAn bE usEd aS a pRojECtiLe" yes, so can plenty of other objects you are allowed to bring. I just want to stay hydrated ffs. - The merch they sell at gigs... Work with a climate neutral & fair wear wholeseller instead of whatever company Live Nation works with. Other, less rich bands can manage this, so it must be doable. - Electrical tour buses for band & crew? Does that exist? In any case, no flying unless absolutely necessary. I suppose that has a lot to do with the schedule, don't play in Sweden one day and in Spain the next day. Maybe the band taking a plane doesn't make a big difference in the big scheme, but it would make them look quite bad lmao.
  9. ooooooooooh :surprised: thanks for posting this! I second your astonishment about jc90 not knowing Tchaikovsky, was he not famous outside Europe or so?
  10. Every new user who asks for a link will be formally required to make qualitative contributions to this forum for the duration of at least two (2) years oR WILL CHAMPION WILL DEATHSTARE YOU (this is not an official mod policy, I'm just having a laugh but hey it would be nice)
  11. not really since there's no sign of the London show being recorded, but the second Amman show has been confirmed recorded for iHeartRadio
  12. I just deleted like 50 posts asking for links :sweat: a mess haha
  13. everyone please just DM M Marks The Spot or someone else who's willing to share instead of clogging up this thread with useless posts! o_O
  14. iHeartRadio is doing an album release party tomorrow 25 Nov at 8pm ET https://www.iheart.com/content/2019-11-23-coldplay-celebrate-everyday-life-with-two-performances-in-jordan-watch/ So... maybe then? Can anyone record it?
  15. here they are! http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ddzz6en1tcatbt/cping_smileys.zip/file
  16. Sorry all, we had to remove the full text for copyright reasons.
  17. Oh okay, I still haven't watched the full BBC interview. The problem with this gig is they announced it so late Eurostar fares were already through the roof so like... it's understandable people booked flights instead (even though I'd never do that for a gig where chances of getting tickets are like 0.00001% but hey to each their own). I hope that in the future, instead of restricting ticket sales to 1 country they opt for just raising awareness for non-flying options because it really is possible. I travelled from Antwerp to northern Italy by train last year to see a band and a friend and it was awesome, would 100% recommend the scenic train journey through the Alps. Also I really want to see Coldplay in Paris lol pls let me :D
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