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  1. yes they all love me 💕 except for the bird, she's still new and scared poor bb
  2. just a reminder the cats own you and not the other way around
  3. ok aircon is even better but look at her she's so pretty
  4. sorry, popped out for a second because my new fan arrived (the thing that blows air, not a person)
  5. in 2014 they'd probably have thought it was the new conscious uncoupling
  6. alright good because *sneezes* all this *sneezes* dust *sneezes* makes me seem suspicious
  7. This is the best day of my life wait a minute, does this pub have a curfew?
  8. Celien on Coldplaying in 2020 omg!! maybe there should be a thread for old members who come back solely to use the smileys
  9. No change in ownership, but a new server and a different forum software! 😊
  10. New page, new reminder: please do not ask for links. Thank you!
  11. Wait, didn’t the moon thingy on the website always change according to the stance of the moon? Am I missing something? Also, pretty sure the band didn’t leak an old, unfinished version of their own song. From a marketing point of view that doesn’t make much sense I think?
  12. No posts asking for links please. Just DM someone who has it (not me)
  13. oh no by all means be passive aggressive, or straighforward, whichever you prefer!
  14. @M Marks The Spot, sovucu has just received an official warning for that absolutely random litany of swear words. Also you're way too nice in your reply (though it comes off rather passive aggressive which is great). You certainly didn't break any rules.
  15. not to be that person but, why would I believe this person really has that rare stuff no one else has (Car Kids)?
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