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  1. It just hit me... maybe they wanted to restrict the ticket sale to the UK because they didn't want people flying in, for environmental reasons. (For future reference Coldplay, Belgium, France and The Netherlands have the Eurostar xx)
  2. unless someone's only selling their spare ticket and is still going themselves, don't do that because you won't get in (you need the booker's credit card)
  3. ha the ad is already gone. bye David! impressive if Gumtree actually responded to my report that quickly
  4. is he selling his credit card too because you'd need that to be able to get in.......
  5. This is just like the Royal Albert Hall ticket sale in 2014 I’m so sorry you all have to go through this mess
  6. Apparently it’s back to ‘not available’ so keep refreshing if your fingers are still functioning
  7. I know it’s frustrating but keep trying until there’s an official message saying it’s sold out! As long as that hasn’t happened there’s still a teeny tiny chance
  8. Good luck refreshing until your fingers fall off everyone!
  9. I do remember the old smileys, they were the best! I think they disappeared when the old forum software broke (literally, it was very weird). I still have them all saved on my harddrive somewhere my inner nostalgia enthusiast has asked [uSER=100956]@Stephen[/uSER] to bring them back multiple times but I think he doesn't like them
  10. I had only properly listened to the leak once and listening again now that it's out...... I haven't liked a Coldplay album this much since MX, maybe even Viva. (I think I liked MX this much when it came out, but I don't remember tbh). The past 5 years Coldplay released only like 5 songs I really like and here I am struggling to decide which songs on Everyday Life I like the most, feels kinda weird. I still find myself skipping Church, and When I Need A Friend... well I guess it's good for what it is, but it makes me feel as if I'm in a church, which my atheist ass doesn't like lol. But the Sunset half of the album is so strong, fuck me. Here's my ranking at the moment: Champion Of The World Trouble In Town Arabesque Guns Eko Orphans Cry Cry Cry بنی آدم Sunrise Old Friends Daddy Everyday Life WOTW/POTP BrokEn When I Need A Friend Church Trouble In Town and/or Arabesque might overtake COTW, they're really close atm. It's too early to say but they might me among my favourite Coldplay songs ever :no_mouth:
  11. Now I'm just picturing the ticket scanner guy listening to your perfectly British sounding "here you are, sir" as you happily hand him your ticket and then staring at your name in utter confusion as he checks if it matches the booking
  12. Yeah, if they were gonna check IDs or driving licenses or whatever they would have said so. And non-Brits are totally allowed, they just have to live in the UK but there's no way to prove that on the door Getting the actual tickets will be the tricky part, not entering the venue with a ticket. if you don't want to raise any doubts, there's still a couple of days left to practise your 100% British sounding "good evening"s and "thank you"s ;)
  13. that performance of Orphans was like the most joyful thing I've ever watched. I definitely prefer this side of the album. It's so fucking strong.
  14. the second performance just finished actually #timezones no lipsyncing as far as I could tell!
  15. lmao the clean version of Trouble In Town is such a mess with all the muted fuckings and clean Guns sounds like Chris isn't sure what he wants to say when he sings "everything's gone- .............. craaaazy"
  16. just saw this on twitter, the link to buy tickets tomorrow: https://www.gigsandtours.com/event/coldplay/natural-history-museum/1464054?eml=2019November22/4814329/6223346&etsubid=85159940 gigsandtours also sold the tickets for the Royal Albert Hall gigs in 2014. It was a catastrophic mess: the servers crashed, and they didn't (don't?) have a waiting room like ticketmaster so you had to refresh constantly and click faster than the speed of light when a ticket became available for 0.001 seconds. I lost 5 years of my life in that sale. Good luck to everyone who will be trying! but... prepare for the worst because the capacity of the RAH was like 10 times bigger than this venue
  17. the full Sunrise performance is available here, for those who hadn't seen yet I guess it's pretty easy to rip that
  18. I really don't want to discourage anyone but if the ticket sale will be anything like the one for the Ghost Stories tour, prepare for a lot of frustration and disappointment (and this venue is even smaller) #RAHticketsalewarflashbacks
  19. We don't see someone who's had an account since 2003 log in and post very often! What was Coldplaying like in the AROBTTH days?
  20. It probably won't ever appear on spotify outside Japan, people. I don't know the exact reason these Japan exclusives exist so don't quote me on this but i believe it's something with CDs being quite expensive in Japan. It would cost less to order one from abroad and pay for the shipping, so to avoid that, artists often add an extra song to the Japanese versions of their album.
  21. well holy shit! let's not talk about Church but Trouble in Town and Arabesque were really something :dead: and WOTW/POTP sounded less half-assed than on the album just eternally disappointed Chris censored himself in Arabesque... let Chris Martin say SAME FUCKING BLOOD!
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