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  1. There are a few songs that I have to listen when I'm not in the right mood, when something in my life is going as I don't prefer. Champion of the world is one of that short list. Honestly I don't know why I love so much this song, maybe because it's just amazing. I'm in love with the lyrics, but the rhytm and the musical notes get me in goosebumps. I'll listen this song lifetime.
  2. I'm italian and I'm so excited that the guys'll come here to play live, it's such a dream comin' truth. I hope to find the tickets, it's going to be a battle!
  3. I have every CD of the band but I don't find the track See you soon. So I have a question for you: isn't it recorded for an album? Is it a single for the lives and for a video (which I see on Youtube)?
  4. Songs explain my feelings, so in this moment (which is so hard for some troubles) I'm listening Gravity and See you soon.
  5. Beautiful performance, I loved it. Where can I see the interview made by Fallon to Chris ?
  6. What do you think about the end of the song? The way to end the song with a sudden silence to tie the next song..
  7. NMFWTTG__


    Maybe this is my favourite song of the album. This is one of that songs which they made with a huge piano melody and a great Chris Martin performance. And this is my favourite kind of Coldplay's songs.
  8. I hope that they'll come to Italy, but I don't think so. Paris is good, I may go there with 2 hours of flight. Not so bad.
  9. Maybe it'll be a stupid question, but do you think that Coldplay will do a big world tour after the release of this album ?
  10. Not bad the last cover, maybe the vocal part might be better.
  11. Guys, I need to know an info: what is the avg prize of their shows at Royal Albert Hall? And is it very difficult to have a ticket? Tnx so much :)
  12. I really love this song. I think that it's one of the most hypnotic of the album. The lyrics is so short but nonetheless it's really strong and deep. I love this verses: I think of you I haven't slept I think I do But I don't forget Amazing.
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