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  1. I wish Coldplay was still making music that didn't spark Justin Beiber discussions.
  2. Colour Spectrum will be a 2-minute slide guitar, Pink Floyd-esque instrumental.
  3. Don't get why people are complaining; this is the best song U2 have done in years.
  4. I honestly just don't think he puts enough effort in. I imagine he expresses his usually-broad sentiment in the first simple way that comes to mind and fits the melody and calls it a job well done. I really wish they would just hire a proof reader to simply read the lyrics, cross out the cliches, and hand it back to Chris to rewrite until we get a decent enough song. It would force Chris to express himself more creatively, and make listening to Coldplay a much more rewarding experience. Chris is capable of good lyrics, even now. Moving to Mars, mentioned above, is a great example. Rathe
  5. Although that did show a BMW being involved in a murderous car crash, probably not the kind of PP they were looking for...
  6. I have it on good authority the Dalai Lama spits some harsh phrases on Amazing Day.
  7. KidA


    Apple music says it is 4:42 long...
  8. Am I the only one who thinks this is a great idea?
  9. What are you talking about? Chris is right there...;)
  10. I think they should have just played Parachutes acoustic entirely. Would have been perfect and the We Never Change / Everything's Not Lost ending would have fit perfectly too.
  11. I'm pretty sure we will, on the cover they had a sticker saying "Featuring Adventure of a Lifetime and Hymn For the Weekend". They wouldn't promote an album with a song no one has heard.
  12. Coldplays lyrics are their most consistent weakpoint. Far too many general sentiments expressed with little imagination - there are of course many notable examples, mainly from the Viva era.
  13. KidA


    Noel rehearsing the solo for Up&Up.
  14. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32856[/ATTACH] Radiohead say hi :) It's great that Coldplay change their sound every album, but they're far from the first to do so - and they've never really moved that far away from pop structures etc. Brilliant? Yes. Revolutionary? Not really. I have yet to hear the performance of Amazing Day - do you, or any anyone else, know where I can find it? I find it hard to believe you could perform that song in such a way for it to be anywhere near good, but I hope to be proved wrong :)
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