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  1. Judging from the EP, I will guess they’re going back to a more experimental mindset like they did on VLV
  2. I can't even imagine trying to work with a monster like that night after night lol. I'm good with my dinky pedal board. I have a bunch of old effects but they make me happy. l still rock the old 80s MIJ Boss Sd-1...
  3. Are Jonny or any members of the band influence by Cocteau Twins? I keep hearing traces of their sound in Jonny’s guitar style, especially on songs like Always in my Head, Birds, Fun, Magic, and even the guitar solo for Everglow
  4. I'm still amazed at the quality of their albums after all these years.
  5. I hope to meet the guys someday and that it's a good meeting.
  6. I illegally downloaded "Politik" off of Kazaa or something back then. I didn't have money to buy CDs. That damn song changed my life though. I never heard something as blissful as the second half of that song. I did buy the album like 2 years later though haha. "A Whisper" is one of their most underrated songs imo
  7. I wish I could start my life over again or at least erase the past 12 years or so
  8. Always in my Head and Midnight always remind me of being seriously depressed and suicidal during my last job and after I quit. I didn't realize how miserable I was there. That's in the past now though.
  9. Always in my Head To me it is the sound of depression and reclusiveness
  10. I saw Yellow on MTV2 when I was like 12. Such sweet memories, life was better and a lot less darker than it is now I miss it
  11. I live in Ohio with nothing but either Wal-mart or fields of corn. Let me know if you're still interested LOL
  12. X&Y always makes me think of water and sunset because I bought the album just before a fishing trip with my dad and brothers. Literally heard the album for the first time right by the water while watching the sun go down.
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