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I just watched this movie...and this is just a way to pisses off your mother ´til kill her!...is so sad!... :(



anyway...Kieran Culkin is so kute, and his lil bro Rory as well... :smug:


Coldplay´s Don´t Panic...is part of the soundtrack which makes it better!... :D



the moral of the movie is "say it"...right away!...in that moment on...if you need to say something just say it!...cause maybe is going to be late when you want to!...... :cry:



if you have the opportunity to watch it!...do it!... ;)

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well he has this wealthy family!...and he can´t stands his mother because she treats his father very bad!...so he does these things to make his mother get angry!...but is just a way to have attention, changes the school a lot he didn´t finish high school and he runs away!...to lives by his own!... :)

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Guest LiquidSky

I watched this movie a long time ago...and the only reason I watched was beacause I was told that that they played a bit of Coldplay in the movie...and the movie is okay...it's not that great...but it's okay... :)

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