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Albums you have overplayed when you have got them ??


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Albums you have overplayed when you have got them ??


I have made this mistake all the time when I get myself new CD's.

Then I dont listen to them for ages, then one day they are rediscorverd and played out again.


Coldplay AROBTH (Still love it though as always)

The Stone Roses - Both the The greatest hits and The Stone Roses Album it self

MUSE absoultion

MUSE origin of Symnentry

MUSE Show Biz

Franz Fernidnand FranzFernindand

Snow Patrol Final Straw

Radiohead The Bends

Radiohead Hail to the Theif

Moby Play

Moby 18

Oasis Whats the Story

Massive Acttack Mezzaine

Red Hot Chilli Pepers By the Way

Travis The Invisible Band

Alicia Keys Songs of A minor


There are others but I cant think Right Now




Who have you overplayed ??? .

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Eighteen Visions--Vanity. but i still do it, i just cant get tired of it. and the same with Metallica--St. Anger. i just love both albums so much, its the kind of stuff where if you start listening to it, you have to finish it before you get up and do all the stuff you're supposed to do :lol: i fuckin love it :cool:

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Back in the day when I like them, I listened to Counting Crows - August and Everything After over and over again.


Some others:

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom


Now I dont have time to listen to cds over and over.

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the only cd to date I've scratched to unplayableness is Turin Brakes The Optimist LP


and with good reason. it's damn good :cool:


It's one of the bests ever!!

Maybe we should make a collect for charity and get another 'The optimist' for Ian... :rolleyes:

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