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What are you thinking right now?


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Yes im 38 today, and grids, why are you going to miss this place ??


No, I mean the place I'm living in right now. Been here for 9 months but the contract will end this week so I need to move out..

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Had a strange dream last night that my padlock inside of the baggage was stolen by a stranger, which I found out later an Indonesian actor - I know who he is, and I was like trying to kick him cause once he lended himself a hand for carrying my baggage and I couldnt carry heavy stuff but then afterwhile I forgot to zip it so that the bag was still wide open. He took that stuff very fast and finally punched him in the face. The end.

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Thanks :) Packing and unpacking are so overwhelming :(

I hate shifting too..

I tried to sleep but cant and im soooooooooooo tired..


My daughter had a crappy day, she locked hersefl out of the house with phone and money in the house, she was on her way to work so she went to work had to cancel her shift luckily boss understood and ride to the nearest buddy to borrow the pc to get the landlords number, she couldn't get through nobody there on saturday so after trying the another number she luckily got through and was able to get in her home at 2pm she was lucky to eat breakfast at a mates but thats all she had all day, then she rang and told me she still may have to do a late shift at work,( that bugs me) but anyhow she also had no food in the house since her furniture and fridge is not there yet and she ran out and couldn't do the long ride to the shops for her food.. So now I have to wait till she finishes work and order her a pizza for dinner.. Why do kids never listen to their parents and get themselves in such a mess.. argh

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Lucky for her it was not night time and lucky for her she knows at least one person nearby who was home and was really only a work aquaintence because really she has no friends over her way, they are all over next to me which is over an hour away so Im really upset about this situation and how she got herself into it I hate to explain

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