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Afraid of heights??

Starla Stargazer :D

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Wow I'm worse than I thought.. today we went to visit my husband's in-law in the hospital.. so we get there and find out she's on the 9th floor. :o I don't do elevators, so I was looking for the stairs. I told my husband (who doesn't take so kindly to my anxiety :rolleyes: ) to go on in the elevator without me.. sooo I find the stairwell and it looks all desolate like you see in the movies when ladies get mugged.. so I just stayed right on the first floor and visited this wonderfully nice, older English lady who worked in the gift shop.. :D


I'm such a chicken. :rolleyes: But that lady was so nice! :)


So, are you afraid of heights?

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Ever been to the top of the Statue of Liberty? That was my worst experience with heights, because I had to climb up this steep rickety spiral staircase that goes up the middle of the thing all the way to the head. I was definitely crowding the inside of it as much as I could. :lol:


Oddly enough I was fine the day before when I took an elevator 1,000 feet up in the air and went outside at the top of the Empire State Building. :inquisitive:

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my friends go cliff jumping sometimes

and i never go

yeah like ladders?

oh man



Oh that's crazy.. a dear friend recently died while jumping off a cliff.. landed the wrong way and it broke his neck. :cry: Heights are no good.


I'm serious too, I'll go in an elevator to like the 3rd floor, that's it! But even then I can just picture the cables snapping. :/

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i wonder what it's like falling off a building or something

what would be going thru your mind


The sidewalk :(


I hate heights, they say there is a primal urge when you are scared of heights and high up to just jump....i know I've had that feeling a few times...you just want to get back down asap.

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I'm somewhat afraid of heights...when I was in Costa Rica, we went on a canope tour thing way up high in the jungle where you'd go on a zipline from tree to tree. It was a blast, but I admit, waiting for my turn to go, I got really nervous on the platforms b/c we were so high up. All I saw below me was trees...no actual ground. And when I was in Spain, we went to this castle and we had to climb all these stairs, like a windy stair case, and it was really high up when we got to the top. It was beautiful tho...it was like a really old castle, and there was a draw bridge to it, and water around it, it was gorgeous. So I've also done the ripcord at valleyfair and that was a blast. I dunno, its weird, sometimes I get scared, but I'm not usually afraid of heights...sorry that got long... :/

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