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Certain people should be limited to how many threads they st


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i think some people on the message board, have mental issues..ha.<i really do>

certain people have an uncanny amount of spare time

and some people know internet message boards <and probably instant messager 'friends', better than they know their own Family

and others have so little going on in their lives, the internet is pretty much their only comfort.

plus, some are immature, although, being 13...(whoever might be that age :dozey: ) you can't expect great conversational contributions

.me...i am a fool :artist: :kid:

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"I doubt that mental issues have any searious connection with msg board,tho.There is NO way anyone can know someone online better than they know their own family.Most of things you wrote in your post gas_man is a tipical stereotype."


well, there Is, many ways people online can know their own family, and i know of two personal cases (not me) in which i've seen this. It's a very easy problem that can happen, teenagers have themsevles on the computer talking and typing and clicking for hours and hours, compared with the little time they spend talking to their parents, and even then, the topics shared with parents are often not big issues, whereas, i know of some people who claim to have almost fallen 'in love' with people, and also consider received online text, as best friends! Surely THAT is absurd

i wasn't saying that people Gain mental issues from the message board, but there's surely many people with some sort of problems :operator:

Also...what of what i said was a tYpical stereotype?

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