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Guest LiquidSky

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Cheerios Loretitus!

I hope you'll have a good day too!Don't be too tired..and if you are, well, just take a nap :wacko: Or read a book..i just finished one book today and i luuuf reading :blush:


Anyway,gotta run now!

Adios :kiss:

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yeaah we definitely should :wacko: Too bad ren would just hit us with his recorders all the time :bigcry:


I won't! that just happened ermm 5 times :uhoh: But hey if you're tall enough i won't be able to hit your head with my cam anyway :wacky:




we could try to ruin his recordings just screaming and singing a lot !


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jesus, i'm so sick of maths at the moment :bigcry:

I'm having 2 exams of maths next week :disappointed: Thank god i dont HAVE to pass neither of them but it would be nicer if i did.. The final exam is a super important one but it's in march so maybe i'll learn all that stuff before it






Now i'll go make some pizza :wacky:

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