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hi charlie!

Hallo Lorellavi :wacko:

There should be a tv show about little lorellavi stalking matt, chirs and fran, it'd be a hit! :P

well he left Mia very soon

But he was about to settle down for once in his life :o And i think they broke up cos of alan, good thing i don't have a brother haha :wacko:


don't leave jenny rennypoooooo


she likes the backstreet boys :wacky:

That's enough reason to break up with her :snobby:




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that's enough reason to marry her! then you both could have 5 kids and their names would be nick kevin brian howie and aj :lol:




don't you have brothers or sisters? :uhoh:




anyway that tv should would be awesome.. but just if the real matt chris and fran would act on it :P

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5 kids? :o


Hmm, i don't think she'll agree but if i mention that we'll name them after the bsb i'm sure she'll change her mind hahaha :lol:


And nope, i'm an only child :P


Hahaha you'd want to work 24/7 in that show if that was the case :wacky:

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I just wanted 3 to have my very own muse, i'd teach them to play before they cam even walk :wacky:


Oh, it's boring sometimes but it had its advantages too like having my own room, get any toy i ever wanted and stuff like that but when i was little and broke something in the house, i had no on to blame, danm! :P


Whoa really?, i had no idea ! Is your bro into the same music as you? :dance:


Hahaha i can imagine that, have you watched the flavours of love? I can picture you as flave but instead of girls fighting for your love, just matt, chris and fran :wacko:

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what's flavours of love?? :uhoh:




and no.. he doesn't like the same music as me.. he just likes crappy music :sick:

and we don't look alike.. we don't look like brothers :lol:





and ok.. you can have 8 kids then.. 3 muse kids and 5 bsb kids :wacky: 3 more and you'll have your own football team!

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Man, i'm addicted to oasis right now :bigcry:

Last night jenny came by and we wer watching the butterfly effect and the ending was so sad, especially when you hear crying your heart out by oasis :bigcry:


And today i got my deluxe edition of dig out your soul wooooo! :dance:

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I only remember peaches,....she had the big erm peaches....:nice:

Hahaha i rememebr her too :wacko: Mabe we should make a flavor of love coldplaying style :wacky:





yo tengo miedo deste hombre


New York's show is crazy, I've seen a part these days, and the boys had to play basketball with a professional player :D

hahahaha that made me laugh so hard, your spanish is great anita! :D But oh well, i think some other girls like Rolle find him sexy! :charming:



I'm good! :D I've been working so not really had much time to browse the net as much! How are you?

Aww i've been missing you over here but it's great to see ya back on :D

Oh, i'm doing just fine,enjoying a little break and summer!! woooo! Life is good( especially cos i still can't get over the travis/r.e.m gig i attended 3 weeks ago haha :P )

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hahahahahahh flavour of love coldplaying style would be awesome...I even already know who flavour is...:wacko:

Yeah! it would be like the big house contest we had long ago :wacko:

I'd love to give some nicknames to some girls. I'd call Rolle " hairy " :wacky:


Thanks Ren :blush:

well, maybe :confused:

Aww you're off now but hope to see ya soon Anita :D

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