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Ahhh well so much to say,so little time haha but all is good, I got promoted at work and help producing a radio show(but i still manage to slack a bit and get paid for it like the good old times haha) and i pretty much got over my last sick and twisted relationship ( not sure if i told ya but i was totally heart broken and took me like a year to get over it) and i kinda stopped whinning about my bad luck and pretty much became the opposite of who i used to be aka Charlie harper haha hmm what else.. oh, i began trainning like maniac at the gym and i'm feeling greeeat , i'm still thin and don't look like hulk but i'm waaaay stronger and tonned than before and i discovered some girls dig that mwhahaha. But yeah, right now i'm uber happy and i finally dared to start a new serious relationship so my bad boy days are over( at least for now haha).


Oh and i got to see coldplay and travis last year, at last!And after 9 years of being a crazy muse fan, i got to see them this year ahhh that was the best gig ever! :dead: And i saw travis and r.e.m together 2 weeks ago ahhh i still can't believe it! I just need to see radiohead so i can die in peace :P


Aww, that sucks man!Hope its nothing too serious :(


Anyway , i really hope you stick around and hope you're feeling better!!*sends positive energy* :D

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Whoa! So glad to see i'm not the only one addited to that show haha :D


And yeah, i used to be a lot like alan ( i mean just when it comes to relationships,not double dating, no one night stands, always faithful to the one and only and just looking for the right one but just ending up like a loser) but one fine day i said " fuck it!" and became charlie mwhahaha but i think i just found my Mia ( only those who watch the show will get this haha)

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