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A song to make love to


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Dude... Politik? I don't think that would go over so well, lol.


I think any of the Cafe Del Mar CD compilations would be good. A good track would be Afterlife's "Dub in Ya Mind" beach club remix. Listen to it on iTunes.

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hmmm or even violet hill :whip:

(not fast...but a good groove)



lol people, what happens here tonight?


the right rythm? :surprised: Giuly!


@ Jon: be she, who? :uhoh:


good David ;) most them are pretty know already :D


but anyways right now almost any DF would be so cool. :nice: I hadn't stopped to listen to his music since a month or so.. :stunned: i love his voice, and his lyrics, wonderful always. pretty talented man.


ok ok, i'm DF spamming now... :dozey: :lipsclosed:


ok that's like the fifth time i try to post that...





do i have to think that there's some filter at uni, so = censorship? :inquisitive:

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i've been thinking... for the film scene where it was played, many people think that

one is a song to be playing when doing it...i've read many comments throught internet that it is a song about 'doing it'... but i don't agree with that totally... :uhoh:




what do you people think?


for some strange reason some months ago i was hooked to that song, i listened to it for hours... i loved the piano mainly...

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