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A song to make love to


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Norwegian Wood-The Beatles

Turn Off the Lights-Teddy Pendergrass :sneaky:

Moogie Wonderland-Stereolab :confused: (don't ask)


well in fact the whole album Mars Audiac Quintet by Stereolab

there's just something about a moog


In the Rain-The Dramatics


Damien Rice's album "O"

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  • 2 years later...

^yeah so annoying bot :evil:


but thanks to bump an old thread, i need some 'fresh' of the VH threads invasion too :uhoh: (no offence to any of you).


a song to make love.. i miss this thread...


right now would be:

Hands on Approach -



Let's be in love again,

Let's do the sound in "bed",

Let's be in love again...


Look at me, Kiss me, Hold me, Feel me,

Love me, As if it was our last day...

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Ok the album thing had made me think about an idea i always had...

My current compilation would be something like that, mixed lol :wacko: just for the lyrics mainly.


, DF :heart:

, DF

, Silence 4

Swim, DF

, DF


i would add more DF or S4 lyrics, but.. lol surely at least one of them would 'scary' you and give you a bad image of him :uhoh:


Special Needs, Placebo

Protège moi, Placebo

Without you i'm nothing, Placebo

Sleeping with ghosts, Placebo

I'll be yours, Placebo


Endlessly, Muse

Hysteria, Muse

Map of your head, Muse


Darlene, Led Zeppelin

I can't quit you baby, Led Zeppelin


The Scientist, Coldplay

Moses, Coldplay

Green eyes, Coldplay


You don't love me, The Kooks

Hands, The Raconteurs

Set the fire to the third bar, Snow Patrol

You could be happy, Snow Patrol


Wrapped around your finger, The Police

If i ever lose my faith in you, Sting

Sacred love, Sting

Stolen car, Sting

The top of the morning, Mike Oldfield*

Islands, Mike Oldfield


lol i'll stop me now.. them are too many songs, and it would end like S4 song (that i tried to avoid to post for the so..


* that one is only instrumental.


:embarassed: don't blame me, blame the spring and the exams being so close :embarassed:

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