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muck up day


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i finished high school yesterday...forever!!! ....and muck up day was awesome..haha..we couldnt do much though , like throw eggs or anything cause if we did than we'd have to do our exams in the city ..etc etc.....

but we had some harmless fun >:)


i put hair gel on all the rails/door knobs/drinking taps ...UAHA! it was very amusing to see ppl's reactions...


my friends and i stuck old, ripped, oversized and dirty underwear on the wall wrote next to it that it was our co-ordinator's and that it had to be returned 'asap' :D


we wrote with coloured rice 'good-bi from year 12 04' then with chalk under it wrote 'if u touch this in anyway we will hunt u down'


we also blocked areas with tape that read 'warning do not enter' which confused the hell at of most ppl :)


we filled our co-ordinators room with at least 100 ballons


it was a hot day and so we put confetti and glitter on top of the fans so that when the students from the other year levels put it on..it would attack them!!! uahaha...


we put 'for sale' signs on the teachers cars


and ran around the whole school disturbing everyone else yelling and popping party poppers :)


we were thinking to kidnap the school cat and put a ransome note in the office ..but that was going to far :) hehe


i was going to include pics here but....their too big and i cant be bothered finding out how to post them


after all the celebrations we went to the beach and literally ran into the water with our school uniforms on....including shoes and socks.....


it was fun :D and in my opinion a memorable way to finish our high schooling years :)



what did everyone else do when they finished highschool?

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We've had a few ideas for what we're gonna do for ours. We have this ramp in school which is for wheelchairs but there's no1 in the school who uses it so we're gonna turn it into a water slide! :P then we're bringing down some sheep from a fella in our years farm and we'll set them free around the football pitch! :cool: :lol:

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