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the only way in which dig. piano is better than real one...

Professor Peedston

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I'm sitting here playing my digital piano with my headphones on, and I noticed that if I hit a single note and let it decay completely, right before it goes completely silent, the note sort of breaks up and there's a really brief period where it sounds like an electric saw or something (I think it might be the simulated reverb feeding back), then for an even briefer moment you can hear the original sine wave under everything... it sounds really neat and I probably couldn't recreate it on my synth if I tried. I can only hear it with headphones and the volume turned all the way up, so I've been sitting here recording and sampling and amplifying it just because it sounds so weird and I'll probably use it in a song eventually.


Just thought I'd share what I'm doing with my life at 3:30 am on a Saturday night. :P

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