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Are you proud???


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Mr. Ian B.....( it took me a lot to discover that you'were the owner of the site, i still don't know your 2nd name)..... I wonder If you're proud of been the owner of this website....... I would be really proud If I could do a web page, specially about a band such as Coldplay....... besides our messageboard is wrking really good, we are more than a 1000 ( hope one day I'll reach that number of posts)


Are you proud ...? I'm proud of beings a member of this board :D

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hes gotta be proud this site its amazing and the message board is the best.. this is the nicest board i have ever been on. even nicer than coldplay's official board..i'd be proud too if i was the cause of all these people meeting and becoming friends..we love you Ian!!*sounded really cheesy but its true* :D

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I think i should thanks Ian then..... I didnt know u own this place :) Well then nice to meet u!


yeah ian is tha man!!!




and yes laura simon rule!! hes a sweetie *cough*and sexy*cough*


Hey Ang... lol l am stalking you! NO no... :lol: jus that.. l only reallt know you!! :D :shock: mess me back hun!

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