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The incredible hairy man-beast.


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Guest LiquidSky






Aww family day out.




Hehe....obviously the new album is so stressful that he's forgotten how to shave or where the barbers is :P


He looks rugged though :wink3:


awwww he looks so cute :nice:

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wow!!!! is one of the few times I´ve seen all the family together since Apple was born!!!! Chris looks a little bit angry, probably about the paparazzis!!! and yeah!! they probably don´t have any time to shave in the record process!!! I hope they cut their hair and beards before the pictures to the new album!!! they look better with short hair!! :P

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he is so nice. maybe too longer... :rolleyes: but you know he still :sneaky: :wink3:

well maybe he is so concentrate in new album, but mm well maybe he have other reasons more simple.


e.g. my dad don´t shave his beard from september to may... maybe chris do something like this when he isnt on tour :idea2:


or maybe he need it to find the esence of coldplay, i mean mm like i background/falshback to early years of the band. :idea2:

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Unless Guy starts dating Ashlee Simpson or something we probably won't see them until the album comes out :rolleyes:


yeah! that´s true... but don´t say that!!!! can you imagine? :embarrased:

ashlee simpson, the girl who can´t sing vs. guy berryman, the boy who plays the bass like no one els and who can do anything with me

:bigcry: :bigcry: :shout:


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He's so SEXY. I love when he's hairy :P :embarrased: :P :P :P :P I love him, I can't say how mush I love him. It's as huge as the sky. :embarrased: I miss you, Chris. I can remember when I went to see your concert. :blush: I kept it in my mind. I'm dreaming about you. :) oh my sweet heart chris. love you :blush: :heart: :kiss:

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