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so I guess it's not a big deal that I could probably shove a piece of paper into my basement from my living room.


that'd be so awesome!! it's like some secret....thing. :lol:


hahaah..i'm boring! I'm sitting her in my PJs on a saturday night!! DAMN YOU LAME FRIENDS WHO BAILED LAST MINUTE ON PLANS!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!! :dozey: :embarrased: :lol:

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Squirrel Hill? No.


The only neighborhood I can think of off the top of my head in Pittsburgh is Oakland, because I have a couple friends that live there. Believe it or not I've only ever been to Pittsburgh twice. It may be in the same state, but it's still a good drive to get there. :P


Then again, you're from Ontario, so I'm sure you understand what that's like. :lol:

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KYRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

hi :P



:D I feel like I need my own Biography on A&E. :smug:


Oh, we had pancakes for breakfast, we drove home to ottawa together, and had pizza and watched Independence Day tonight because we were both too lazy to go rent something. (blockbuster is 10 min walk away. :cool: )

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