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sure, i'll keep you company for a lil while at least


strange how we haven't spoken before!


just guess havent crossed paths :D

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it was great, bought a new game...


had a nice bit of booze,


listened to great music and saw my footy team win 4 v 1.


now listening to johnny cash, tapping my foot and talking to you,


pretty good i'd say!


how are you?

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:lol: yeah...thats cos I am nice :P


a bit modest from time to time too but I swear im not too egotistical :P


you seem pretty cool too :)


the mexican eh? not a bad film...not the biggest julia roberts fan tho :lol:

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you know about me :cool:


thats right...im Captain Charisma! :wink3: *sniff* you're even cooler than I thought!...i mean err more luke warm :lol:


nah, the warmness is cool, I mean, the warmness is good because it means that you are a warm person, warm = caring, so its all good :D


and yep yep yep, Julia Roberts is stale :P

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hahaha..yes, warmness rules David. Warmness is the shit.


Stale Julia Roberts don't taste good.


Hey, you didnt' answer about my cape! i can totally make you a cape!!


Oh, and random note. I ate a sandwich yesterday and there was mold on the bread and i didn't realize it until I had finished the sandwich and went to make a piece of toast. Scary. I just felt like sharing that b/c we've gotten close over the last 10 minutes. :lol:

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:lol: from the mile high club to moldy toast...wow, you are full of suprises arent you :P :lol: good luck with the moldyness :lol: I like my bread as fresh as possible though ;)


btw, I dont know about how Julia Roberts tastes, never tasted her, but I'll take your word on it :P


and well, I did have a cape, but then the hamburglar stole it so I need a new one cos this beach towel is too heavy and provides resistance when Im being charismatic :lol: feel free to make me a cape ;)

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unfortunately, it doesn't have a rubber ducky on it, someone stole that one...


however, its got a sexy floral pattern on it :wink3: :lol:

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thats the smiley version of me


hahahah!! you know what would be cool? if you were a superhero who's power was to be charming and every time you'd want to be charming you'd make that face! haahha..oh gosh! that'd be awesome.


beach towel....the dog that ran by stole it from you.

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damn dog...now i feel so naked


awwww...i'll get on that new cape ASAP. :wink3:


hmmm, you'll have to come over to take my chest width because I can't remember my size :wink3: I'm annoyingly broad though :lol:


maybe I should tell you about the powers of Captain Charisma


Oh please do. :cool:


hmmm, maybe I shan't tell you because then you'll know what to expect when I turn on the charm :sneaky: :P :lol:

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