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:lol: i'd love nothing more :wink3:


this routine is called my....full monty routine.....


YOU CAN KEEP YOU'RE HAT ON :lol: :lol: :lol:

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:lol: :lol:


Full Monty routine...hmmm...why does that sound familiar? :lol: :uhoh:


:lol: ....


either you've seen the film or someone's done it for you already :lol: :sneaky:

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laura, you're not on msn, get on it so i can grope you privatly


I'll be on soon my dear. My boyfriend is using his logged on on my computer. He's waiting to chat with his friend. :rolleyes:


And boys, it was both. KIDDING! :lol:


hmmm, I wonder what her boyfriend thinks of the gropage :lol:


Maybe Captain Charisma should come to save the day :wink3:




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wow... being bored leads to naughty things...



:lol:..... :stunned: naughty, we're not being naughty :stunned:


I'm a lovely sweet unflirty guy :P


aint that right sugar plum? :wink3: :lol:

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