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last night in ireland until march 24th


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i am leaving for the us of a tonight so can any1 tell me what to expect...like w/ the war and stuff....just stuff that us irish cant experience from america all the way ova here..... the last time i have been to usa was when i was 12 ...well i was born in america so i have not been there in 9 years...im going to see coldplay on the 6th.....it will be weird to hear american accents apposed to nothing but irish accents lol....ok bye! :o :D :-D :lol:

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The us is so cool, my favourite cities were (off course) NY and LA, anybody been to Universal Studios? It was so grand, espessially the Jurrasic ride :D We were soked! My dad had to dry his money on a bench, ppl was looking strangely at us :D

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