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i'm in such a bad mood...


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everything seems to be going wrong. last week i lost my fucking new $200 winter jacket and it's either in my school, on a bus somewhere, or at another school. then a couple days later i lost my new hat, which could also be in either of those places. then, today after i had gym i went back to the changeroom and my favourite t-shirt that i wore today was gone!


so now my moms mad at me, and my mind is going crazy. plus i have a bunch of stuff due this week before the holiday and a huge test on wednesday that i think i'm going to fail.


gah, and now i might need to give my parents all my hanukkah money to buy a new jacket. and i FULLY blame my teacher for the loss of my hat, because she wouldn't let me go back in the school to go to the washroom...and if i did, i probably would have seen my hat :embarrased:



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*wonders how you lose a jacket in the middle of winter* :confused:


that, i don't even know myself. oh, i think i left it in that evil changeroom. then it was missing.

damn, all the possiblities. for all i know i could have brought it with me on the bus to another school at the volleyball game. and i could have left it on the bus. or i could have left it at the school. and then i could have left it on the bus on the way back.


there you have it, 4 possible ways i could have lost my jacket.

well, i am in slightly better spirits now, even though nothing's solved yet.


and thanks to everyone who bothered to read about my problems :P :lol:

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I mean' date=' I've lost many a backpack or lunchbag or stuff like that... but usually you'd notice that you're not wearing your jacket, right? Like, when you walk outside and stuff? :huh:[/quote']


usually. it wasn't really cold though...but i don't even remember!

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