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can you make a GIF / animation in photoshop 7?

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where the hell is the "Animation palette" in photo


it's like missing

it should be:


Displaying the Animation palette


Choose Window > Animation. A check mark indicates that the palette is showing.


but i dont even have that option under the window thing.

i want adobe elements 3... i can't find it anywhere

photoshop is soooo confusing

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I have photoshop elements which is almost identical to the proffessional photoshops but with a couple of tools missing, and I can make basic animations with it... just nothing complicated. What you have to do is use the layer function. When you go to save, each layer is one frame.


Save as a gif, and there should be a little box you can check that says save layers as frames. Click save, and it should bring up a toolbox for setting up the gif options.


I have yet to figure out if it can be used for capturing video in any way, but it can make things like rotating banners.

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