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god i'm exhausted


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ugh i just got back from a volleyball game. i'm sooooo tired. we played 5 sets against two teams (it was supposed to be 2 sets each but we had a tie breaker) and out of those 5 sets my coach only took me out ONCE, and only for 3 minutes.



and it's so weird, he barely played mindy (twin sister who's also on the team).


and tomorrow i have an all day tournament.




































































































thank god i love volleyball.

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thanks for the good luck. :)


we made it to the semi-finals :D ....but then we got our asses kicked :lol:. seriously, i think that their team is one of the best in ontario. i took such a hard hit from one of the players...god their spiking is amazing. and they're all so freakin tall! :stunned: i have fully decided that any volleyball team that wears spandex shorts means that they are an amazing team, no joke. the last 3 teams besides us all wore spandex. we almost beat one of the spandex teams though. that was cool. :lol:


but we were the 4th out of 8 teams. so, not too shabby. :)


oh, and yay for me, another all day volleyball tournament next friday again. and possibly a game on thursday. :D

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