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Evidence of a 29 March 05 release??


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Email I received a wee while ago...


At the not-so-silent-night gig in San Francisco on 10 Dec, stickers were passed out, and I got my hands on a Coldplay one that had the date 'March 29 05'. (It's on my guitar in this picture here, sorry it's a bit small - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v610/allurepink/coldplaying2.jpg).


I'm assuming that's a tour date...



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are these "rumours" credible? Where do they come from? A good source I hope. Also this date was obviously set at least a month ago' date=' and therefore they could have decided to move it back between now and then.[/quote']


hard to say... tis why they are called 'rumors'.. lol but we can all cross our fingers and hope for the best.



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"Cool, that's 98 days before my birthday!!!" Kind of lame to even associate the release of this album with your birthday, isn't it? :rolleyes:


I'm guessing March 29th is the release date. Its supposed to be released in March, and sometime in mid or late March. Whatever. We're getting another Coldplay album on March 20th give or take 10 days. As long as the release isn't delayed, and we get to hear a single by next week, I'll be satisfied (for now). ;)

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official word from Debs herself..... hoax or cover up???



you decide... :wink3:




I had no idea about the guitar sticker showing the date, but let's just say that when there were rumours of a UK 28th March release, that may have been the case then, but it's not any more, so there is no evidence. The stickers were obviously a little premature!

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