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I don't understand this..............


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no, I think bands should leave when the chemistry is dead


Coldplay has a tremendous spark that no band has


At the same time though, I think putting out music until you are washed up (eg. Oasis) is not the best idea either. Leaving at your peak will leave a good impression in people's heads, they'll remember who at your best and leave you wanting more.

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but they can't break up' date=' they will disappoint and shatter alot of Coldplay fans hearts[/quote']


I doubt they will, break up that is.



just think about it



have some potential much to be the greatest of all time


yeah, maybe The Beatles are


I'd bet if Coldplay were around when The Beatles were


The Beatles will have a tough time and it would be a competition of being great


I know Coldplay is already great ;)

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titter ye not :lol:


Why? :stunned:


I was laughing at your linky.


Sharn't do it again, Hitler :P


haven't you heard the quote titter ye not :P


Ha, no. :embarrased:


Uncultured vulture I am


I retract my previous comment :P


http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0586217738/202-3687251-8042203 :wink3:


Aaaah thanks, I feel more enriched already.


Someone is selling a copy for 1p :stunned:

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