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Regarding DavidG

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You're probably aware of the situation so i wont keep talking about it. I just wanted to apologize to all the members of this board who are in shock after reading all the things DavidG said about some ppl here most of you, if not all, friends i made from more than a year.


I wasnt fully aware of his intentions towards his " friends" or any of his mind tricks til a few days ago. I took part of his "game" to get to know what was really going on , i had to make up stories about how i 'messed' with other boards, people , etc to make him believe i was as twisted as he is in order to know his real motivation or intention.


I am not asking you to forgive me for doing it, i respect your opinions but i didnt like what he was doing at all. I especially would like to apologize to the people who trusted him the most and found in him a good loyal friend. I feel really bad that you had to find out the way he really is this way but i'd felt even worse knowing what was he doing and not saying a word about it.Hopefully you will understand why i took part of this but doing the things he did is not right and is not funny .


I took some time to read some posts made by charles/kaser and let me tell you something, you're being used by him too, and if you hate the cyberworld so much, just quit but dont go mocking people around about this. The fact that is just the internet doesnt mean you have the right to disrespect other people , manipulate them or anything like that, what's the point? I appreciate the friends i made here ( yes Charles, friends.. believe it or not) and i understand and respect the opinions you might have about this.


Finally, I'd like to thanks Camu for helping me to blow his cover and confirm he was actually kingOfburgers, i must say i had my doubts after the thread he made(kingofburgers) "Riff vs DavidG" and after listening to several people, i'd rather not to mention, that he wanted to get rid of me so bad. It seems i was right , thanks camu, you're amazing and thanks Ian for the support and for let people know i was playing along during those chats but i had to come back to make things clear personally.

Once again my apologies to all of you for this.



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Dear Ren,



This morning I almost didn't log on to the computer because I was almost afraid of what I might find. Like you, I too was feeling a bit sad because of all the people that got hurt in the process... but I agree... it had to be done. These people are our 'friends' no matter what a nob like Charles or David says. How can you not be?? You see these people everyday, talk, share things, maybe not in the physical sense... but the sharing is still present. If it wasnt, how do we explain the countless number of people who meet and date from the net... then end up married!! There's alot more 'mental' time dedicated to an online friendship that one offline.. personaly.. I have made many friends thru this means of technology.. and they have transposed into the offline world.. some of my best friends actually.. and I am more than proud to say... you are my friend, and I love you for it. Reading your post literally brought me to tears. :cry: Maybe its my PMS.. but tears none the less... ;) If I could run to S.America and give you a hug for 2 minutes..and hop on a plane and come back.. I sooo would, but for now.. this will be my IOU *hugs* Dont feel bad love, he's gone and because of you he can't hurt anymore of our 'friends'... know that I am here for you..



Camille xoxox


ps. berrycat says *meow* and sends you a lick.

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