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This has nothing to do with the topic' date=' and i apologize, but Ari, is that Chris Botti in your avatar? He's dating Katie Couric!! :D[/quote']

:stunned: yes he is. i don´t know who is Katie Couric :embarrased:

i know he played with Sting, some years ago. i try to download his music from his official site but it´s in ram format, and i have wmp so i have to search real media on my pc now.... so i´ll do it later. ;)

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mm ok. i don´t have that tv channel so.. :/


well good thing, musicians and artist need to be happy to create. ;) well sometimes when they are very unhappy andsad they do their bests works ever. :stunned:


he is a good trumpeter i know, i listened him on his official site time ago. :thumbsup: but i couldn´t download anything. :/

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