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nme nominees 2005

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Check this out:




Fuck off... NME Magazine... Keane = Worst Band + Album? What Bullshit is this, and also Embrace? :angry:

I don't like that... really... Keane made the best selling album last year in the UK. does this mean nothing?

These critics think they are soo cool, just by hyping the Libertines (completely overrated in my eyes)and everything that this f***ing drug victim pete doherty does...

Sorry... my point of view. Feel free to vote your favourites :)

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NME just try to be 'cool'. They've done this just because Embrace and Keane write music that includes a piano (which in their eyes means you are a soppy 'nice-music' band) and are not addicted to heroine or cocaine. Obviously if Tim Rice-Oxley or Tom Chaplin were injecting themselves with dangerous substances to the point where it ruined everyone elses life as well as their own then they would get loads of awards nominations, even if their album was a load of overhyped crap and they never turned up to gigs....


ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ROAR! :angry:

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