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Special Announcement from Albie


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albie will reveal the REAL amount of times he got banned from here.



stop taking the piss out of me :D


it's a big announcement that everybodys wants :D


what is it then?????!!!! i won`t be able to fall asleep tonight. thanx a lot.


and i don`t take no piss, males do that. i go pee :smug: :D

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Why the 15th?


because it's 15 days before my 21st birthday


and it gives me a week to enjoy this surprise before I reveal what it is :wink3:


i can imagine what youre planning.....


you've invited coldplay to chat with us! :idea2:


you've convinced them to play in south america!


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I think that you're announcement should be that you'll quit being so annoying about this whole "leaked material" business.


If you have it, great, say it once, and then leave it alone.


Sorry, i'm in a testy mood right now and you saying "leaked" like 10 times made me even more testy. :)

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