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about this whole marriage thing...

Professor Peedston

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if we're being inundated with a new topic about it every thirty seconds' date=' i can't even imagine what it must be like at the official board now. :shock:[/quote']


It's really bad, Tom. And yes, I'm back at the official board. I know, I'm weak. I just try to avoid those kinds of threads which is about 99% of the threads on there.

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ah those threads about chris and gwyneth. do those people actually know how to read? don't they see there's thousand of other threads about the exact same thing LOL


I thought this was going to be about your marriage too... :D :lol:


yeah!!! I'm getting mighty sick of seeing all those stupid threads....stick it to one thread people!!!!


Uh-oh!! I'm starting to sound like someone from the official board!! :D

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well sheesh the people who post them dont even come around. i dont see why we should have to worry about what we say to them. :D


and i've gotten worse from the official board. what you said was really nothing really nothing. :lol: :P :D

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