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Oi! In here!


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I know nothing about MP3's I want one myself one day, but dont have a PC how good at they at directly copying CD's on to them and for a spend of around £100- £130 how much would I be able to store.


BTW the MP 3 u posted looks good. !

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I can store quite a lot on them, I'm happy with my 256 but it's getting old.

At £130 though, you can get hard drive players for £30 more, but they are a bit massive and I know I'll get fed up with my music that's on it; which will be all my music virtually!

I think the one I posted looks cool though, small too. 2 inches long in fact! Nearly bigger than my willy.

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:lol: :lol:

i want an ipod...so expensive though. :stunned:

hah today i stole my friends ipod mini (which wasn't actually hers, it was her friends) and found coldplay on it and was like "WOAH! someone likes good music :cool: " and then my other friend was mocking chris martins falsetto. :rolleyes: :lol:

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