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my grandfather just died


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He had a surgery friday on his aorta..

it was a farely easy surgery..

it did go well(although it took 13 hours, and all my family had no sleep whatsoever, hence the surgery started 4PM and ended around 9 am)

but my grandpa started bleeding ALL his blood inside(he actually bled himself dry :confused: ) and didn't make it

he died saturday morning



it sucks, he was a great part of the family


he was also admiral on the navy, and had been a minister for 5 years in the early 90s





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Im really sorry about your grandpa....... ok, this is werid cause its a cat.... but like in my family, the pet is kinda like family? ok... we found out our cat had bladder stones..... his kidneys almost burst and we ended up having to put him to sleep :cry: :cry: and around the same time, my best friends mom wouldn't let us see her anymore..... :cry: Im really soryr to hear that

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