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UK Election thread.. 05:05:05


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Who do u want to win ?? do u care. ?? .


I hope Labour win Myself... personally I think they have done a great Job with the Domestic front.


These are the areas I care about. !!


The NHS : Has improved as much... I can now walk into a NHS hospital and been seen within 2 minutes.


Education: Are now much better, kids these days are so lucky, compared to my scholing there was no incentive to do well for both kids and teachers when the Torries where in control. Tution fees are great idea if u ask me, if u come from a under privlidge background the additinal funding will support those u want to further their education, who parents cant afford to support them.


The Ecomony : Speaks for it self really, even though it was modeled Kenneth Clarke's plan, what Gordon Brown did and this was pure Genius was to give the Intrest Rate Setting to the bank of Engalnd so they could come away from the boom, bust era what the torries had.


Foriegn Policy : This is the tricky. Tony Blair has now been in charge for 8 years, I am very concerned if the Torres do win all of the policiies what we have in Europe will go to waste. He is also now a respected stateman and I reckon has a more of a say in what happens around the World than George W Bush.


A poll will be added to this soon !!

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People don't vote for who they beleive in, they only ever vote for what will give them the best option of out the two main parties, which is why lib dems will probably never ever get elected or even past the 3rd party status.


The trouble is, that there are very few difference between labour and conservatives these days. New labour doesn't stand for any of the ideals old labour had (they are in a sense conservative now) and conservatives are nothing more than new labour).


They're more interested at throwing insults around that promoting their agenda.

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Labour are the lesser of two evils.


While I don't trust Tony Blair, I trust him more than I do Michael cocking Howard. Every time I see that man's face I just want to kick it. I can't take a word he says seriously. If the Tories get into power again, the economy will be shot to shit.


In the election, I will vote for Liberal Democrats. But I voted Labour here because it seems unlikely that the Lib Dems will ever get into power, so I thought I might as well choose between the two that are more likely to win.

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