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My my, what do we have here?


A new crop at the backdoor of me and Jack's mansion. You can be in, unless you're just, too fucking...BLONDE!


Or you're a man with a growth hormone that has left you with breasts. But lets not get into that.


So those two thing's is all. Other then that, you can enter Fight Club.


And if any ladies want to come upstairs, I haven't seen Marla in a long time either and I'm getting bored after the fights are over.

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For GODS sake Brad, its been 6 years, it was funny at first Oh Im the character Im the character HAH. Not anymore, its just not cute now.


You're in your 40's running around advertising for this stupid 'Fight Club' and constantly checking whatever city your in to see if they're Fight Club is up to your standards and the facilities Lord Jeesus give him strength.


At least you've realised you're not part of my imagination, damn was that annoying.


And leave Helena Bonham Carter alone, she's a married woman, you never actually screwed her. You're going to have to get past this.


It was a cool movie, but you have to get past it.

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