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It's a cute pic Sarah! :wink: To answer your question' date=' my pic was taken in a restaurant when I was near Boston! [/quote']#


mine and catherine's was from about a month and a bit ago when we were out celebrating exam results. god, it seems like ages :shock: and maria, you're not that scary. not to look at anyway :)

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I might submit my brothers but he's got access so he'll probably take it down for taking the piss :shock: :?


Haha... Does he look like Chris Martin or Eminem also?? :wink:


Yay, I see Victoria's picture! You look so happy in the pic! Nice smile!


Again, Ian & Simon are further surrounded by more girls... (I hope they don't mind! :wink: ) Where are the boys??

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Hey, this is fun - really got everyone talking!


Please excuse dishevelled pic - had just had a rather, well, unusual experience! I don't always look as tatty as that!


Where are all these lovely men we want to look at?


But all the ladies are GORGEOUS!! How can the boys compete, eh, girls?!!!!

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'Ahhhh I getcha! I thought You've just landed in it now! The picture in the album...ah!!




Ian, What ARE you on about? !!


I thought I was the nutty one!!!!


I have to tell you, Dave's Girl (sorry, can't remember your real name!! Forgive, please!) the farmer was ancient and bald and stout - but the farm workers, now, that's another matter!! yeah!



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ancient' date=' bald and stout - hmmm maybe - he is a farmer after all. he wouldn't be too picky either - i might be in with a chance :roll: ooh - and i'm jane but nevermind, you are definitely forgiven if you get me his number :wink: :roll:[/quote']


That's right Jane! Your thing of being a farmer's wife! :wink:


Victoria, can't speak for everyone else, I think I'm a bit nutty myself here!! :mrgreen: Join the club!

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