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Ok, nicely...


So Jenz please, please, please

Come back and post your pic, to me, me

Come on and let us see it, now, now

Come on and show your pic to me, me

Come back and post your pic... :wink:


Sorry, I am not a poet/writer, can't get too creative...

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Yay, nice to see all these new pics! Thanks Ian! My campaign asking everyone to send it their photos worked! Now we just have to convince Miss Jenz... And yes, I have just sent in mine... :wink:


BTW, I don't think Ian looks like Chris Martin or Eminem... But I suppose they're not bad people to look alike...

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I saw you' date=' Sarah!! You look totally nice and sweet! 8)[/quote']


Thanks, I think I look dorky. That pic was taken a few weeks ago at ToysRUs. We found three gliding chairs and they were so comfy so my friend asked just a random customer to take a pic of us. It was funny.

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It's a cute pic Sarah! :wink: To answer your question, my pic was taken in a restaurant when I was near Boston!


Everyone else who hasn't sent in their photo, please send them in! So Ian and Simon can be surrounded by even more ladies here! :wink: Any guys out there should send in theirs too!

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