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Coldplaying Community People Pictures


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Bumping this thread up....


Cos Sooz and Stephen's pics are up!!! In case others don't know!!


Yay!!!!!!! :D


Didn't this thread used to be a lot longer? I thought it was 9 pages at one point...

yeah the board is a bit messed up now.....hehe my thread with the poll on which hand do you write with is also attached to the i bloom blaum thread hehe.
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This thread did used to be more pages long, but I increased the number of posts showing per page, so theres less pages cluttering up, and the same number of posts.


Comprendé? :D

no hable espanol :roll:


yeah but was also funny is my poll is attached to another thread... :lol:

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since you brought this thread back up i just wanted to say

i really should put this in my thread but here it goes:


since there are a lot more new people i think they should think about adding their pictures to the album!!!!!!


i wanna see more ppl!!!!!

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